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I'm Cheryl.....

I live and work in Liverpool, reading Tarot Cards, and astrology charts, both in person and online.

The tarot, Astrology, and my experiences as both a Teacher of the Heal Your Life philosophy by Louise Hay, and as a Spiritual Life Coach, are all insightful tools that I work with, and have many years of experience in using.​

I work with all of these skills daily, both personally and professionally.

My Experience

1991 - date

Tarot Reader

2002 - date


2016 - date

Heal Your Life Teacher

2015 - date

Spiritual Life and business Coach

2001 - date

Reiki Master Teacher

It was my mother who bought me a deck of tarot cards when I was 19 years old. I’d always been fascinated with them, and I started to read with the little book that came with them, reading for friends and family first. I soon realised that I didn’t need the book anymore, I could ‘read’ the cards intuitively.

I've been studying astrology for over 20 years now and about 5 years ago I invested in astrology courses to consolidate my learning. I love natal astrology as I believe it helps us to 'know the self'.

I discovered the work of Louise Hay in my early 20's. Louise Hay is still widely regarded as one of the greatest metaphysical teachers of all time, an absolute pioneer in the self-help world.

Her philosophy, and that of other, great teachers completely changed my life. Twice.

I qualified as a Life Coach, and Law of Attraction Teacher, and became the personal coach for women who were transforming their lives by becoming more resilient, more self-aware, more emotionally intelligent, and by learning how to reconnect with themselves and their own energy.

I discovered Reiki in 2001 and became attuned quite early on in my spiritual journey, going on to reach Master/Teacher level in 2004. I don’t offer Reiki treatments or attunements these days, but Reiki is still a big part of my own spiritual practice.

I held coaching, mentoring and training roles throughout my corporate career which spanned over 20 years, before being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

After my diagnosis, it became apparent that i needed a lifestyle and career change, and I decided to answer my true calling - working with the Tarot and Astrology on a daily basis.

Over the years, my magical, spiritual journey of self-discovery, and my fascination with all things esoteric and holistic, has deepened.

I believe that getting in touch with our spiritual selves is a form of self-development and is a powerful tool for personal growth.

Knowing the 'self' gives us self-confidence, increases our emotional intelligence, and promotes self-awareness.

I've learned so much about how the Universe works, how we create our own reality with our thoughts and words, how learned behaviour from our childhood stays with us into adulthood, and how self-limiting, negative beliefs, can hinder our progress in life.

I incorporate all of this work and experience into every interaction I have with my clients who come to me for Tarot Card Readings and Astrology Readings.​

I am super grateful to all of my clients and students for being such a huge part of my own, personal and professional journey.

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