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Tarot Card Reading Reviews

Best Tarot Card Reading Reviews UK

Read Over 450 of My 5* Tarot Card
Reading Reviews

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Liverpool Tarot Card Readings Reviews

I have over 450 Positive Tarot card Reading reviews

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I'm a professional Tarot Card reader based in Liverpool, UK, with over 30 years experience of reading tarot cards.

Cheryl Kerr Tarot Card reader Liverpool U.K

Made me feel at ease

Jen Hughes, Liverpool

Best Reading I've Ever Had!

Kim Doyal, California

If You Love Magic.....

Suki Anne O'Brien, Malta

The Universe Has My Back

Alison Stockton, Dubai

Amazing and so passionate

Sian Calderwood, Torquay

Unbelievable clarity

Kelly Parker, Liverpool

Absolutley spot on

Julie Holland, Liverpool

She's excellent

Vicky King, Liverpool

Such clarity and guidance

Sophia McDonald, Liverpool

Accurate on Everything

Shelley Roe, Liverpool

Spot On with Everything

Marie Leighton, Leeds

An Inspiration

Michelle Glascott, Liverpool

Loads Has Come True!

Karen Hope, Liverpool

Wow, Just Wow!

Cath Lee, Liverpool

Feeling in Charge of My Life

Imogen Townley, Liverpool

I'm On the Right Path

Makayla, Liverpool

Insightful and Profoundly Helpful

Sarah Milton, Liverpool

Just what I needed

Lorryn Stewart, Liverpool

Cheryl is Amazing

Emma Fox, Liverpool

Her Vibe is Inspirational

Julie Awang, Liverpool

Love the ebook!

Laura Baker, Liverpool

Mind Blowing

Patricia Lawless, Liverpool

Direction and Motivation

Louise Dutton, Liverpool

On Point

Crissy Lopez, Liverpool


Ces McLean, Wirral

Life Changing!

Trish Boston, Liverpool

A Wonderful Reading

Jamie McGaghey, Liverpool

A Most Wonderful Person

Richard James Madigan, Liverpool

A Beautiful Heart

Cameron Wheelan, Liverpool

Truly Inspirational

Kerry Linell, Liverpool

Honest, Authentic, Inspirational

Deb Connor, St Helens

Spot On!

Jacqueline Murphy, Liverpool

Definitely Recommended

Kara Purcell, Liverpool

Would go back!

Ronald Downey, Liverpool

Highly Recommended!

Jamie McGaghey, Liverpool

Inspirational and Authentic

Suzanne Morgan, Liverpool

Very Positive!

Emma Pollard, Liverpool

Very Informative

Paul Hunter, Liverpool

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Read Over 450 of My 5* Tarot Card
Reading Reviews

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