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Cheryl Kerr

Tarot Card Readings, Fortune Teller. Guidance and Clarity. Liverpool and UK.

tarot cards on a purple cloth and tealight candles

Tarot Card Readings Liverpool, UK

Im a Professional Tarot Reader based in Liverpool.
I offer private, face to face Tarot Readings in the L14 area of the city of liverpool.
If you're in - or close to - Liverpool, I can offer guidance, clarity and past, present and future Tarot Readings.

IF YOU Can't get to me for a tarot reading in liverpool, I offer Live video call online readings for UK and international clients.
My accurate Online Tarot readings can be booked via this site.

Tarot Reading Liverpool

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Read Over 500 of My 5* Tarot Card
Reading Reviews

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I am not your usual

Tarot Card reader

and readings with me are SO MUCH MORE

than ‘just’ a Tarot Card reading.

Cheryl Kerr Tarot in a home setting

I have over 30 years experience of reading Tarot Cards and I have many returning clients, locally, nationally, and internationally.


You can read over 450 reviews between my Instagram page, and on my Google business page.


I offer private 1-2-1 (face to face) Tarot Card readings in Liverpool.


I also offer live video call Tarot Card readings (online Tarot Card readings) for people in the UK and abroad. 

There is LOTS of information about my tarot Card Readings on this page, keep reading to find out more.

Loose tarot cards on a purple velvet drawstring bag

Private Face to Face and Online Tarot Readings in the UK

with Cheryl Kerr

Tarot Card Reader based in Liverpool UK

Tarot Card Readings in Liverpool

Private 1-2-1 Tarot Card Readings in Liverpool | Online Live Video Call Tarot Card Readings


Most readers use 10 cards and one deck in a reading.


I use 16 cards and 3 different decks to read for you.


I combine all of my learning and knowledge as a professional intuitive Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher to give you what should be a very insightful session that people often describe as being like 'spiritual counselling'.


I stress to all my clients that TAROT CARDS SHOULD BE USED FOR GUIDANCE.


Whilst I can, and often do, predict events, this is NOT what MY Tarot Card readings are primarily about.


This is PERSONAL, CONFIDENTIAL guidance for you.

Three decks of tarot cards laid on a purple and white cloth

This is how I explain the Tarot Cards to my clients

When I’m reading your Tarot Cards it’s as if I’m looking in at your life from above, it’s kind of like I can ‘see in’ to your life and what’s going on around you. 
Or like I’m looking into a ‘live’ photo from above. 
I’m very intuitive and claircognisant - so I have a strong intuition and a ‘knowing’ that what I’m seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing and intuiting, is relevant to you.  
I know my cards, and I’ve been reading Tarot Cards for over 30 years.

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Tarot Card Readings Near Me

If you're looking for a tarot reading near you....

I offer Tarot Card Readings in Liverpool but if you're not in Liverpool I can do your Tarot Card Reading by WhatsApp or FaceTime with a live video call.

By Appointment Only

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday

10:30 til 16:00

Tarot Cards in a spread on a table

Tarot Card Reader Liverpool 

Are Archetypal of Life's Journey



There are 78 cards in a Tarot Deck, and they’re archetypal of life's journey.


Each of them reveal to me, as a Tarot Card reader:


Areas of your life:


a situation you might be in or one that you might soon find yourself in

people you know or people you'll meet

where circumstances might be changing for you

where you feel you’re stagnating

where you’re feeling restless or unhappy

where you’re experiencing joy and happiness

And so much more.


The Tarot Cards can also reveal, what everybody ultimately wants to know:


What might be happening in your future.

semi-blurred image of tarot cards on a dark purple cloth with a purple tealight candle

Tarot Cards can reveal so much.


Everything that we go through and experience in life -


childhood, adolescence, our relationships with parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, intimate partners, and business partners……


Our experiences of new life and death, new relationships, splits, marriages, divorces, our work lives and careers, our finances, our health, our luck and our destiny…..


EVERYTHING is covered, within the Tarot Cards.

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Nine images of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot card deck on a purple velvet cloth

The Tarot Cards and Your Destiny

Whilst parts of our life path may very well be 'mapped out' for us, I truly believe that

'You are the Author of Your Own Destiny'

By using the insight provided by the Tarot Cards, you can carry on - or avoid - certain paths and situations, and you really can, steer your life in whichever direction you choose.​

If you're having an online live video call Tarot Card reading, I choose the cards intuitively for you, after we have connected and spoken for a few minutes on the video call.​

If you're having a private 1-2-1 face to face Tarot Card reading, you will choose the cards yourself.

The Tarot Cards are simply a tool to help me to connect to my spiritual guides and intuition.

If you have an online live video call Tarot Card reading, you will still receive a reading that is as accurate as a private 1-2-1 face to face Tarot Card reading.

Tarot Card Reading Review

I had a tarot reading from Cheryl a few weeks ago, she's amazing and so passionate about what she does. my reading was really accurate and I could of listened to Cheryl for hours. she's so genuine and I would highly recommend a reading from her if you're looking for some guidance that you're on the right path.

~ Sian Calderwood, Torquay

Cheryl Kerr reading Tarot cards circa 2012

Read Over 500* Five star Tarot Card
Reading Reviews

Tarot Cards
For Guidance and Confirmation

When someone has a Tarot reading with me, I explain straight away that I see the cards as being psychological; they represent parts of our psyche.
And they should be used for guidance, you shouldn't live your life by the cards.

The Tarot Cards are very good at showing you where you are presently, and they show where you are in a very clear fashion.

They point out everything that subconsciously, you already know.

The cards can provide comfort and reassurance, and can give us confidence, and they can also show us where we might be going wrong.​

They are rich in symbolism and stimulate our intuition, and they help us to reframe situations.

​The cards give us a clear sense of self. 

During a Tarot Card reading with me, we’re looking at your cards together.

I find that when your life is ‘laid out on the table’ as it seems to be, then it’s easier for you to see and realise, what you need to know, in that moment, that will help you to move forwards.

What You Can Expect
During a Tarot Card Reading with Me

I will look at your past and what has led you into your current situation.

I will look at what might be falling as a problem to you and might be stopping you from moving forward.

I will look at where you are right now, and what might be complementing or opposing the situation that you find yourself in. 

I will then look further ahead and reveal what might happen when going forwards in your current state of awareness.

Sometimes you might not like or appreciate what the Tarot Cards reveal.....

but I will only read what I see. 

I cannot and will not ‘sugar coat’ the messages that the Tarot Cards have for you.​

A Tarot Card Reading with me lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour.

I manage my diary carefully as I don't like my clients (or myself) to feel rushed.

This is mainly why I don't do Tarot Card readings for groups or parties, or attend many entertainment events as a Tarot Card reader.

I take my Tarot Cards very seriously and respect them deeply.

I don’t do ‘three card pulls’, or specific love/relationship or work/career Tarot Card readings.

I read with 16 Tarot Cards, combining all of my other complementary skills, as outlined above.

If used correctly, Tarot Cards can offer invaluable guidance and they can often inform us of events, situations or happenings yet to come.

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Accurate Tarot Readings

I've just come back from my first reading with Cheryl and she has given me such clarity on what's going on in my life and the guidance to go forward positively. Cheryl tells it like it is but with compassion and humour and provides such a harmonious and tranquil setting for her face to face readings. I will definitely be going back again in the future and have found another brilliant lightworker to follow and find inspiration from...! Such an enlightened and warm soul, could not recommend more! Thanks again Cheryl


~ Sophia McDonald

Cheryl Kerr readings tarot cards by candlelight with a client in 2013
Tarot Reading

What Questions Should I ask the
Tarot Cards?

I always say that you shouldn't ask the Tarot Cards 'Yes or No' questions.​....see below!

As outlined above, the cards should be used for guidance.​


You can ask things like:

What do I need to know about.......?

What do I need to change in order to.......?

What is the potential for.......?

What do I need to do to achieve.......?

What is in my way and how can I overcome this.......?​


What NOT to ask the Tarot Cards:


When will I get married?

When will I meet my soulmate?

Will my lover leave his/her partner?

What does my ex think of me?

Will I win the lottery/court case etc?


If you think you have a relevant question that the cards can provide guidance on, book a session and we will look at the Tarot Cards together.​


I cannot guarantee that you will get the answer that you want, or even one that you feel is completely relevant to your situation.

But there is usually always a message of sorts in the cards.

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All Tarot Readings are by Appointment Only

Questions to ask the
Tarot Cards.

Cheryl Kerr reading tarot cards to a client in Liverpool in 2012

My Tarot Card readings are in-depth.


All of my readings incorporate 16 cards from three of my Tarot Card decks.

I encourage you to take notes during the reading as I cannot answer any further questions for you after our session.

For privacy reasons, I ask that you do not record your Tarot Card reading.

You may have a specific question when you consult the Tarot, but it's important to note that the tarot should ALWAYS be used for guidance, because like I said - 

You Are the Author of Your Own Destiny. 

Whilst I do believe that some things are determined by fate, you also have free will, to change the course of your destiny, where you can.

Please see my individual services for further details of what happens during your Tarot Card reading.



You will find HUNDREDS of reviews on my Instagram and Google Pages.

I have over 500* Five star Tarot Card
Reading Reviews

TAROT Card Readings, Liverpool, UK.

I mainly read Tarot cards in Liverpool but I can read for anyone, anywhere via an online remote tarot reading via WhatsApp or FaceTime.


Accurate online tarot Card Readings in the UK


London – Birmingham – Manchester - Glasgow – Newcastle – Sheffield - Leeds - Bristol – Nottingham – Liverpool – Cardiff  - Swansea

Look For: Tarot Card Readings near me or Online Tarot Reader.

Cheryl Kerr with a client with tarot cards laid in front of them in a black seating booth with red curtains

Tarot Readings Enquire by WhatsApp Now

Tarot Readings by Appointment Only

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