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From Soul Alignment to Manifesting Dreams:

Women's Spiritual Mindset Coaching by Cheryl Kerr.


Soulful Success:
Online Spiritual Mindset Coaching for Women.

Where Strength Meets Spirit:
Mindset Coaching with a Spiritual Twist.

Feeling like your spiritual journey involves more takeout menus than meditation mantras?

We get it, girl.


Between the daily grind and the allure of endless scroll holes, that inner peace everyone's raving about can feel like a distant dream.

But what if you could tap into your intuition and create a life filled with purpose, without the pressure to wear hemp clothing or forsake all your earthly possessions?

Cheryl Kerr is your down-to-earth guide to soulful success. Forget the stereotypes - Cheryl's coaching is all about practical tools and real results.


How Can Mindset Coaching Help Me?

Silence Your Inner Critic and Tame Your Self-Doubt:

Because let's be honest, that voice in your head telling you you're not good enough? It's a total liar. Coaching will help you shut it down and unleash your inner rockstar.

Become an Intuition Powerhouse:

Stop second-guessing yourself and tap into that amazing intuition you already have. It's time to trust your gut and let it guide you towards a life you love.

Unleash Your Inner Goal-Crushing Machine:

Tired of setting goals that end up collecting dust in your "aspirations" notebook? Cheryl will help you develop a plan to smash those goals and finally achieve the things you truly desire.

Experience ‘Adulting Done Right’:

Manage Stress and Find Balance: Adulting is hard. We all know it. But coaching will equip you with the tools to manage the overwhelm, create healthy boundaries, and find that elusive work-life balance (or at least a decent work-life juggle).

Cultivate Unshakeable Inner Peace:

(Okay, Maybe Not Unshakeable, But Definitely More Manageable): Life throws curveballs, it's inevitable. But coaching can help you develop coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices to navigate those challenges with more grace and a whole lot less freaking out.

Navigate Healthy Connections:

(Because Let's Be Honest, Friendships Can Be Drama Too): We all know those relationships that leave you feeling drained, right? Coaching can help you cultivate healthy connections, set boundaries, and attract people who uplift and inspire you.

Is Your Life on Fast-Forward and You Lost the Remote?

Ditch the Confusion and Grab a Coffee Chat.

Feeling like your life's a confusing Netflix documentary and you're the lost central character?  Stop Googling 'What's wrong with me?' and grab a free coffee chat with Cheryl.

In this 30-minute free call, you'll:

  • Spill the tea on your biggest challenges (Cheryl's a great listener, we promise).

  • See if you vibe with Cheryl's down-to-earth approach (spoiler alert: it's not all about crystals and chanting).

  • Get a free dose of laughter (because seriously, who needs more stress?).

  • Apply to schedule your free call today and ditch the confusion for good!

Netflix Binge-Worthy? Your Life Shouldn't Be! Apply to schedule a Free Call and Take Control!

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Unlikely Paths, Enduring Passions.

The course of my career has been unpredictable, from working for the Government, then into sales, then the world of entrepreneurship, only to find myself boomeranging back to those familiar career paths like a productivity app with commitment issues. But through the resume whiplash, one constant has remained: my intuition and a deep connection to my inner voice (crystals optional). This unconventional route might raise eyebrows, but it has never been boring!

For over three decades I've been reading tarot cards and empowering women to ditch the ‘victim mentality’ and embrace their intuition and self-belief. Witnessing countless transformations has been my passion and privilege, and has fueled my mission for helping women go from ‘same old, same old’, to "holy sh!t, I can do anything!"

Today, I’ve ditched the crystal ball and I guide women to become co-creators of their destiny, unlocking their potential and creating lasting change. (The odd crystal is still welcome, though!)

From Deck to Destiny.

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Party Heels to Higher Ground.

2001 marked a turning point. Let's just say trading in my party heels for grounding rituals wasn't exactly what my 20-year-old self envisioned, but growth can happen unexpectedly! Discovering Reiki ignited a passion for exploring different healing modalities. Crystal certifications, other healing techniques, and a lifelong fascination with astrology - it was all about unlocking the mysteries within.

Then, a book recommendation changed everything. ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay landed in my hands just as my civil service job was feeling stale, and the Liverpool party scene wasn't doing it for me anymore. The stars aligned and little did I know, this exploration of self-healing would lead me down a path of not just transforming myself, but others too.

Swiped Right on Self-Help (and My Life Changed).

Let's be honest, I was always open to spirituality; but some of these crazy rituals seemed weird, they were not for me.

But Louise Hay's book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ changed everything. The powerful message resonated deeply.

I LOVED the simple philosophy, I embraced the exercises, and affirmations became my new mantra.

The results? Honestly. Life-changing.

Feeling transformed and inspired, I ditched the ‘employee’ life, moved to beautiful South Wales, and built a business that thrived for many years.

The Universe Threw Me a Curveball (But I Learned to Swing).

Life, however, took an unexpected turn when I lost my business, filed for bankruptcy, watched my home and property portfolio vanish, and my relationship ended.


Let's just say, I wasn't exactly slaying.


Then, in 2011, a breast cancer diagnosis piled on the pressure. A complicated journey with multiple surgeries led to a cascade of other debilitating health issues, including struggles with my mental health. Depression and exhaustion became my unwelcome besties.


The breast cancer treatment and health issues impacted my ability to work, forcing me to leave my job. 


Everything I had built felt like it was crumbling around me, and I couldn't see a way out.

The Book That Saved Me (Twice).

Then, Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" philosophy reappeared, a welcome light in this dark time., and now, it felt like a divine nudge to revisit its simple wisdom.

This time, the impact was even stronger. I did the exercises and affirmations religiously, reigniting a spark of hope and a will to change how I responded to what was happening to me.

And then I felt a call to spread the word to help other women rise above their challenges.

Unlock Your Potential Women's Empowerment Coach & Speaker (2).png

Empowering Women, One Workshop at a Time.

Going ‘all in' with the Heal Your Life philosophy, I embarked on another transformative journey. In 2016, I became a licensed teacher of Louise Hay's work, eager to share its simple but powerful message. I also became a certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Teacher, fully equipped to empower other women on their paths to self-discovery and resilience.

Facilitating workshops, speaking at events, and offering personalised coaching sessions was beyond rewarding.  Seeing my clients blossom – from conquering self-doubt to achieving career goals –  reinforced my passion for this work. Many clients still reach out years later to share their continued success stories, a testament to the lasting impact of our work together

Video Convention

Start Your Coaching Journey Now

Intuition Whispered: ‘It’s Time’.

From boardrooms to breakdowns, yet through it all, my intuition guided me onto a powerful path of overcoming adversity and learning self-love and acceptance.

Now, I'm here to be your wingwoman on the path to a life you love. Let's combine intuition, coaching magic, and a healthy dose of humour to help you transform your story too.


Why Choose Me?
Because Life's Too Short for Sh!t Advice.

Don't get me wrong, self-help is fantastic! But sometimes you need a coach who gets it, someone who's walked the path (and maybe tripped a few times along the way).

You need a coach who's not just an expert but also your personal cheerleader, sassy truth-teller, and a translator for when your intuition whispers.


I bring a potent blend of experience, intuition, and enough humour to make self-discovery feel like a fun night out (with cocktails, minus the hangover).

Here's what makes working with me different:

Scrap the one-size-fits-all approach.

Your journey is unique, and so is your coaching experience.

Humour is my middle name (okay, it's not, but it should be).

Laughter is powerful. We'll lighten the mood while tackling those tough challenges. Let's be honest, transformation ain't always sunshine and rainbows, but together, we can make it a wild ride.

I'm your intuition translator.

Let's unlock your inner wisdom and use it to guide your path.

I also believe in creating a safe space.

A supportive corner of the internet (or the world!) where you can be vulnerable, laugh at yourself, and push through the inevitable bumps in the road.

The beauty of online coaching?

We can connect from anywhere in the world! No need to juggle busy schedules, meetings, or fight traffic. 

Ditch the drama, embrace your intuition.

And get ready to rewrite the narrative of your life. It won't always be easy, but together, we can make it damn rewarding.

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Self-Discovery Ain't for

the Faint of Heart!

It takes real courage to confront your limitations and rewrite your story. If it was a quick fix, everyone would do it. It's not an easy path, but you don't have to navigate it alone.

Ready to Re-write Your Story?

Who My Coaching is For

I'm a direct coach who believes in getting results. You'll get clear, actionable steps and tasks designed to move you forward. Neither of us wants to waste any time, so if you match any of these descriptions, then it's highly likely we'd be a good fit:

The Brave and Hopeful Soul:

You're ready to confront your limitations and rewrite your story. You understand that true transformation requires courage and dedication, not a quick fix.

The One Who's Done Settling:

You deserve a fulfilling life, and you're ready to stop settling for anything less. You're committed to doing the inner work required to achieve your goals.

The Seeker of Self-Discovery:

You have a deep desire to understand yourself better and unlock your full potential. You're open to exploring new possibilities and creating a life that feels authentic.

Who My Coaching is Not For

Coaching is about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. You'll get clear instructions, but the real results come from your commitment. If you're not serious about putting in the effort, then this program definitely isn't for you.

The Quick Fix Seeker:

If you're looking for a magic bullet solution, coaching isn't for you. It's a collaborative journey that requires active participation on your part.

The Uncommitted:

Coaching requires dedication and effort. If you're not fully committed to the process, you may not see the results you desire.

The Neggy Blamers:

Coaching is about taking responsibility for your own life. If you're constantly pointing fingers at external factors for your situation, coaching might not be the right fit.

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Coaching  ain't for everyone (and that's okay!) but, here's the truth: 


Coaching can be uncomfortable. It requires facing your limitations and challenging your beliefs. Whining and blaming doesn’t get us anywhere.


If you're not ready for honest feedback and a reality check, this program might not be a good fit.


Want someone to hold your hand? Maybe try a babysitter.


Coaching is a partnership. You'll be expected to take action and be accountable for your progress.


If you prefer a gentle and passive approach you won't get that from me - you have to do the work!

Here's the bottom line:


If you're a go-getter who's ready to work for the results you deserve, then let's talk. But if you're not serious about making changes, your time (and mine) is better spent elsewhere.

Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves?

If you've read this far and the idea of getting real and taking action excites you, then grab your phone and let's chat. I help women like you achieve the results you deserve. 

Let’s discuss your goals and see if we'd be a good fit.

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Here's What Happens Next:


It All Starts with a Conversation.
Schedule Your Free 30 minute Coffee Chat.

Click the button below.

Answer a few quick questions to help me understand your unique situation and goals. This could include things like your biggest challenges, areas you'd like to improve, and whether you're interested in coaching for work, relationships, finances, or a combination.


Pick your perfect time! I'll offer you a few available appointment slots to choose from.


Relax and wait for my confirmation. Once you submit your application, I'll personally message you to confirm your chosen appointment time.

Not Sure if Coaching is the Answer?

That's okay! Read how my clients transformed their lives, and let's see if we're a good fit during our chat.


The inner child work helped me rediscover the happiness of my childhood and appreciate all the good that I already have in my life.



I finally landed my dream job thanks to Cheryl's coaching!

After years of feeling stuck in a dead-end career, I knew I needed a change. Cheryl's coaching sessions were a game-changer.  Her visualisation exercises helped me clarify my goals, and her guidance empowered me to make the choices that led me to my dream role. I can't thank her enough for her expertise and support. If you're feeling unfulfilled in your career, Cheryl is the coach for you, I honestly experienced shifts I didn’t think were possible, in all areas of my life.



Embracing My Spiritual Journey with Cheryl's Support!

For years, I felt a deep pull towards a more spiritual path, but fear held me back. I worried about judgement and losing my current lifestyle. Cheryl's coaching sessions were inspiring. Her guidance felt divinely guided and helped me navigate these fears and empowered me to finally follow my heart. Now, I'm embracing my spirituality without sacrificing the things I love. I can live my life on my terms. Thank you, Cheryl, for helping me live a more authentic life!



Powerful Visualisations Helped Me Find My Spark!

I came to Cheryl feeling stuck and uninspired. Her coaching sessions were a turning point  I especially loved her unique visualisation exercises, which she writes herself. They were absolutely brilliant! They helped me reconnect with my goals and ignited a spark of inspiration that I carry with me always. Cheryl's passion and beautiful energy shine through in her coaching, and I'm so grateful for the positive changes I've experienced.
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Let's Have Coffee

As Heard On


Cheryl Kerr

Motivational Speaker and Women's Coach

By clicking "Apply Now," you agree to a complimentary 30-minute coffee chat so we can discuss your goals and explore how my coaching services can help you achieve them. Please note that this call is not intended to provide specific coaching advice or replace professional medical, legal, or financial advice.

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