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I'm Cheryl.....


I live and work in Liverpool, reading Tarot Cards, and - more recently - astrology charts, both in person and online.


The tarot, Astrology, and my experiences as both a Teacher of the Heal Your Life philosophy by Louise Hay, and as a Spiritual Life Coach, are all insightful tools that I work with, and have many years of experience in using.

I work with all of these skills daily, both personally and professionally.

A Bit About Me

I've been reading tarot cards for over 27 years.....


From a very young age, I'd always been interested in the Occult and all things esoteric, I recall 'seeing' things when I was younger, and I always had a 'sixth sense'.


I was gifted my very first deck of Tarot Cards by my mother when I was 20 years old, and I just absolutely fell in love with them.


I was obsessed with them. I read Tarot Cards for everyone.

Like most readers, I started off reading for friends and family. 

Over the years, I've read Tarot Cards in all kinds of places, and for all different kinds of people from various walks of life.


I was fascinated by the cards as soon as I got them, I couldn't believe how accurate they were in giving me insight into the questioning person's life and circumstances, as they were right then.


Along the way, I also discovered that I am highly intuitive, claircognisant in fact.


I quickly ditched the little book that came with the cards as I could just read them, without any guidance.

I discovered that I had a natural intuition that enabled me to interpret the stories, meanings and messages in the cards - effortlessly - for other people. 

I always say that the tarot should be used for guidance.


but both myself and my clients often find that the Tarot are predictive.


meaning that, the Tarot can often foretell future events and/or give an indication as to how a situation will go.


I say that because I am intuitive and because, with hindsight, the cards have not often been wrong! 

Over the years, my magickal, spiritual journey of self-discovery, and my fascination with all things esoteric and holistic, deepened.


I began practicing yoga and began to meditate. 

I believe that meditation is an absolute gift. I meditate every day.

I started studying Astrology, and I've never really stopped studying it!


I became attuned to Reiki, going on to Master/Teacher level.


And then I discovered the work of Louise Hay, who is still widely regarded as one of the greatest metaphysical teachers of all time, an absolute pioneer in the self-help world.


Her philosophy, and that of other, great teachers completely changed my life. Twice.

I incorporate everything I have learned, into all of my Tarot Readings, all of my Coaching sessions, and into all of my work.

These days, I have many returning clients who come to me when they want some direction, or when they're at a crossroads in life etc.......people come to me for many reasons.

I feel absolutely blessed and beyond grateful to be able to do the work I do.



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I'm obsessed with Astrology, I've been a lifelong student of it.

Astrology shows us our place in the cosmos.

 It gives us a blueprint, with which we can navigate life, by way of a map of the stars and planets.


it provides a key to understanding ourselves (and others), and I love to incorporate it into my client sessions. 


More About Me


I held coaching, mentoring and training roles throughout my corporate career which spanned over 20 years before I became licensed to teach Louise Hay's Heal Your Life philosophy, in 2016.

I've been a qualified a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2004.

I've learned so much about how the Universe works, how we create our own reality with our thoughts and words, how learned behaviour from our childhood stays with us into adulthood, and how self-limiting, negative beliefs, can hinder our progress in life.


I qualified as a Life Coach, and Law of Attraction Teacher, and spent a few years facilitating self-development workshops.


And then I became the personal coach for various women who were transforming their lives by really getting to know themselves - 

By becoming more resilient, more self-aware, more emotionally intelligent, and by learning how to reconnect with themselves and their own energy.

I still incorporate all of this work and experience into every interaction I have with my clients, whether it's for a Tarot reading, or within my coaching sessions.

I am super grateful to all of my clients and students for being such a huge part of my own, personal and professional journey.


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How to Work with Me

i am available for intuitive, Face to Face tarot readings in Liverpool.


if you're in liverpool or the surrounding area, you can book a face to face tarot reading or session with me, and you would come out to me.

I don't Travel to you.

please note: i don't read for groups or parties.

if you're too far away to come for a face to face tarot reading in liverpool, then you can book an online tarot reading with me instead.

For Online Tarot Readings


I read the tarot cards online via video call.


I use WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

If you have access to any of those platforms, then you can have an online Tarot reading.

you can read reviews about all of my work on this website.

You can also work with me privately, please get in touch to enquire.


If you want to book a Face to face or online tarot reading, just hit the button below.


If you want to find out exactly what happens and what I do during a Tarot Reading, there's loads more info on this site!

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