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How to Work with Me

i am available for intuitive, Face to Face tarot readings in Liverpool.


if you're in liverpool or the surrounding area, you can book a face to face tarot reading or session with me, and you would come out to me.

I don't Travel to you.

please note: i don't read for groups or parties.

if you're too far away to come for a face to face tarot reading in liverpool, then you can book an online tarot reading with me instead.

For Online Tarot Readings


I read the tarot cards online via video call.


I use WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

If you have access to any of those platforms, then you can have an online Tarot reading.

you can read reviews about all of my work on this website, and there are over 100 reviews in the highlights on my Instagram page, Cheryl_Kerr_Tarot.

You can also work with me privately, please get in touch to enquire.


If you want to book a Face to face or online tarot reading, just hit the button below.


If you want to find out exactly what happens and what I do during a Tarot Reading, there's loads more info on this site!

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