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Tarot Readings by Phone

If you’re seeking insightful answers and empowering guidance, but you’re short on time… My tarot readings by phone offer a convenient and flexible way to gain clarity on any aspect of your life, from wherever you are.

Your Tarot Card Reading  by Phone.
Here's How it Works:

Book Your Reading: Choose a date and time that fits your schedule using my easy online booking system.

Relax & Connect: At your chosen time, there’s no need to do anything, I’ll connect with you remotely and I’ll start your reading.

Uncover Insights: I'll intuitively pull tarot cards and deliver a personalised reading, focusing on your specific questions and concerns.

Keep Your Guidance: I'll be recording your tarot phone reading on a voice memo on my iPhone, and as soon as I have finished your reading, I’ll send it to you via WhatsApp.

*I am NOT a Medium, I do not channel messages from Spirit.

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Recorded Tarot Readings by Phone.

Remote Tarot Readings, Guidance by Phone.

My name is Cheryl Kerr, I’m a UK based professional tarot reader with over 3 decades of experience in reading tarot cards. I offer comprehensive online tarot readings for clients across the UK and internationally. 


Whether you're seeking guidance, clarity, or insight into your life's journey, I will record a short, intuitive tarot reading, unique and personalised to you, and send it to you via WhatsApp message.

Cheryl Kerr in 2022

Get a Recorded Tarot Card Reading by Phone.

Why Choose Phone Tarot Readings?

  • Convenience: Get a reading anytime, anywhere – perfect for busy schedules!

  • Privacy & Comfort: Enjoy a personalised reading from the comfort of wherever you are.

  • Flexibility: Choose a day and time that works best for you.

  • Portability: Keep your recorded reading for future reference.

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Amongst the Best UK Tarot Card Readers.

I've built a reputation as one of the best tarot readers in the UK, providing insightful guidance to clients locally, nationally, and internationally.


Over the years, I have read tarot cards for 1000’s of people and over the past few years have amassed over 600 reviews for tarot card readings across this site, my social media pages, and my Google business page. 

With my online tarot readings by live video call, I've helped countless individuals navigate life's challenges and gain clarity and insight.

Recorded Tarot Readings by Phone.

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Connect with Me from Anywhere.

Remote online tarot card readings are conducted via WhatsApp recorded message or video call.

I am not your usual tarot reader and my sessions are MUCH MORE than a tarot card reading over the phone.


I combine all of my learning and knowledge as a professional intuitive Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher to give you what should be a very insightful reading that people often describe as 'spiritual counselling'.

Over 600 Tarot CardReading Reviews

Tarot Readings for Guidance, Purpose, and Clarity.

Whilst I can and often do predict events, this is NOT what my tarot readings are about. I am a messenger who will interpret the messages the cards have for you.

This is PERSONAL CONFIDENTIAL guidance for you, I can’t and won’t answer questions about other people for you.

Recorded Tarot Reading Delivered via WhatsApp

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