Learn 2nd Degree Usui Reiki, today. The ancient Holistic Healing and Personal Growth Practice

Usui Reiki 2nd Degree
Online Reiki Training Level 2

Reiki Level 2 / 2nd Degree Online Training and attunement.

A short video is accompanied by a 90 page manual with full instructions and details.

UNLIMITED email support for the Reiki Student.


Discover the Power Symbol and its uses.

Learn how to work with the Harmony Symbol.

Learn and practice the Distant/ Connection Symbol for absent healing.

How to use the the symbols for self-treatment and when treating others.

Learn the three pillars of Reiki and discover TWO EXTRA symbols.


Full details and instructions to enable absent healing treatments.


How to send Reiki to your goals


to world and global events,


to past, present and future events. 


how to treat animals with Reiki.


You will receive your Reiki 2 attunement remotely, be me.


Electronic certificate of completion


And a Seal of Authenticity sent by mail.

Start your Usui Reiki 2nd Degree Journey now.

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Your 90 page manual is available via a clickable link in the video.

If you have any questions at all about this course, please get in touch.

I offer unlimited support for the student for as long is needed after the course.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I am offering ONLINE TAROT READINGS only for the foreseeable future. Please keep checking back for updates.

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