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Available until 31st January 2024.

Gift the Gift of Guidance!

12 Month Forecast ONLINE Tarot Reading


This is a digital file. On completion of purchase, your gift certificate will be emailed to you.


You can print the certificate off and present it as a gift, or you can email it directly to your recipient.


The following is detailed on the 2nd page of the gift certificate so your recipient will know exactly what will be covered during the reading:


* Get insights tailored to what you want to achieve in 2024

* Discover how to tackle whatever 2024 throws at you with a bit more clarity

* Let the secrets held within the Tarot guide you towards success

* Learn what lunar and/or astrological energies will support you


12 Month Forecast Tarot Consultation: Navigating Your Year Ahead.

This is a personalised reading, given via the Tarot cards, helping you to unravel the mysteries and possibilities of each month in the coming year.


Together we will explore the energies that will weave the fabric of your experiences in 2024.


Let me be your tarot guide, interpreting the messages from the cards for you.


Gain insights tailored to your unique goals and desires for 2024.

Whether it's love, career, or personal growth, the cards will speak directly to your questions and intentions.


Clarity Amidst Challenges: Life's journey is filled with challenges, twists, and turns. The tarot can offer clarity amidst uncertainties. Gain a new perspective on how to navigate these with resilience and foresight, empowering yourself to turn obstacles into opportunities.


Guide to Success: The Tarot is a powerful tool for guidance.

Let me reveal the secrets of the cards to you, providing you with the foresight to make informed decisions and take confident strides toward success.


Celestial Support: I will tell you how the influence of lunar and astrological energies could support you on your path. Understand how the moon’s dance can enhance your life. Align yourself with the lunar rhythms and harness their energy as you negotiate the year ahead.


Live Video Call: When you message me to book your reading, I will give you some more info about how to prepare for your reading.


This is a digital file. On completion of purchase, your gift certificate will be emailed to you.

Tarot Reading Gift Certificate

  • I do not issue refunds on any of my digital products.

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