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A Simple Spell Kit to Attract a Lover


With a pink theme ~ because pink is the colour of beauty, friendship, love and romance!


Love Spells are best cast on a Friday, when the Moon is waxing to Full.


Friday's are ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty!




  • A herb infused candle
  • A crystal gem stone
  • A magickal chant
  • Instructions
  • All beautifully packaged in an organza drawstring bag


Candle magick is extremely effective and I have created these very simple spell kits that absolutely anyone can do.


Intention is everything. Whilst these simple kits are 'just for fun', the power of intention cannot be underestimated!


And you may want to make your spellcasting more of a ritual, it's entirely up to you!


Your spell comes with a simple candle infused with a secret blend of magickal herbs, specially selected for the spell, and hand blended by me.


When you light the candle, the magickal herbs energies are activated.


Each spell kit also includes a crystal gem stone, hand chosen by me, and chosen because it is well known for amplyifying energy, so that the result you're trying to achieve has more chance of manifesting.


Includes instructions and I've also provided a magickal chant for you to say.


It's so simple, you can't go wrong!


The best time to cast a Love Spell, is on a Friday evening.


I am required by law to let you know that these spell kits are for entertainment purposes only.

Simple Love Spell

  • No returns on spell kits.

    I am required by Law to tell you that these magick spell kits are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Before using the herbs, I recommend that the user try a small quantity first to establish whether there are any adverse or allergic reactions.

    I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions to the herbs sold on this website.

    The use of any herb or derivative is entirely at the users own risk.