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The Full Snow Moon in Leo, 2020.

There's a bit of a debate going on at the moment as to whether or not this months Moon is a Supermoon.

Supermoon or not, ANY Full Moon carries potent energy that can be tapped into to manifest the things we want in life.

The Moon is currently WAXING to full and its maximum fullness will be occurring at 07:33am GMT tomorrow morning, Sunday, 9th February.

When the Moon is WAXING, (anytime from the new moon up to the full moon), is when we work on manifesting what we want to achieve in the next 6 months.

When the Moon is WANING, (from literally one minute after the Moons maximum fullness until the dark moon), is when we release all that is no longer useful to us, or no longer serving us.

THIS Full Moon is in the fire sign of Leo

Leo is a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun and corresponds to the colours, yellow and orange.

When expressing positively, Leo is - amongst other things - powerful, honourable, self-confident, generous, playful, a courageous leader, and is creative.

When expressing negatively, Leo - amongst other things - can be self-centered, conceited, childish, extravagant, and vain.


Tonight I'll firstly be cleansing my crystals, tarot decks, and magical tools that I want to work with this weekend and over the next six months.

I'll cleanse them with Reiki, and then the smoke from a sandalwood incense stick.

After cleansing, I'll be putting some of the items on a tray that I use as a portable altar, to 'charge' the items up with the Full Moon's energy.

Then I'll be leaving them in the light of the Moon;probably in a window space tonight, seeing as Storm Ciara is supposedly hitting us this weekend.


When practicing spellwork, I like to 'pull in' as many correspondences to the current energy and astrological conditions as I can - to give the spell extra power and energy.

I have a few very exciting and creative projects under way at the moment, so tonights Leo energy is the perfect time for me to cast a spell to help my plans and endeavours succeed.

I love candle magic, so I'll be burning yellow and orange candles this evening to add to and represent the Sun and the Leo fire energy.

I'll burn a black candle to represent Saturn, (corresponding to Saturday), because it's the planet of responsibility, patience, and willpower - to ensure that I actually complete the projects!

Black also offers protection, and wards off negativity and psychic attack.

I'll also burn a pink candle to ensure that all of my working relationships are friendly and harmonious.

I'll dress my candles in Juniper oil, as juniper also corresponds to the Sun but again, it's a herb that also offers protection, helps with psychic powers, and prevents theft (of my work and ideas).

As a side note, it's also a good oil for breaking hexes and curses too.

I'll make a blend of loose incense from herbs such as, all spice for inspiration and money attraction, basil for success, echinacea to act as a catalyst and to enhance and increase the potency of the spell, and vervain to attract wealth and prosperity towards my new projects.

I'll burn the loose incense in my cauldron, and write my wishes on bay leaves and burn them in the cauldron too, whilst chanting a simple rhyme that I've put together myself.

Chanting raises energy which is essential in any kinds of spells and magical workings.

I'll be journaling, writing positive affirmations, and I may create some sigils as the incense burns.

Then I'll dust the paper with a mix of ground cinnamon, ginger powder and gold coloured glitter, again for luck and monetary success for my projects.

I'll spend at least an hour tending to and 'feeding' my spell this evening, and after cleansing them thoroughly, I'll place the crystals and precious stones intended to also support my workings around my cauldron.

I'll also place a dish of black salt on my portable altar to protect me and my magical workings.

Crystals to work with this evening

the crystals I've chosen to work with this evening and over the next six months to ensure inspiration, creativity and the success of my new projects, will be citrine and aventurine to attract luck and financial success, sunstone to represent leo and the energy of the Sun, and carnelian and amber for creativity.

I'm really looking forward to casting this spell tonight!

When the spell is completed, I will place the crystals mentioned above, a small amount of the blended herbs, and some of my affirmations and sigils on my portable altar to charge under the Full Moons energy this evening.

Tomorrow morning, I'll put the items in a little bag to create a charm bag, which I'll carry around with me for the next six months.

Please note: The spell 'ingredients' listed above are just my preferences as I'm using items that I already have to hand at home.

IMPORTANT: If you're going to work with essential oils and herbs, please do your due diligence and make sure they're SAFE to use.

Please also be mindful of safety when using candles and when burning herbs!

So there you have it!

An example of how I like to manifest with the Full Moon energy, and some ingredients and items that I'll use to ensure that my magical workings are successful.

Tomorrow is when I'll do a Full Moon Release

As the Moon begins to wane, so any time after 07:33am GMT tomorrow, is when I'll do my release work.

You can read another post I wrote about releasing at the Full Moon here >>> Performing a Full Moon release.

Although the post uses taurus as an example, you can adapt it to suit tonights, (and tomorrows), fiery Leo energy.

Have a magical, creative, expressive and powerful Full Moon weekend!

With love and magic,