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Rain Water Magick

It seems pretty apt to post this, seeing as we currently have Storm Ciara battering the UK and causing absolute havoc with transport and on the roads.

We've had fallen trees locally, tiles and slates blown off roofs, and apparently we're in for another really stormy night tonight.

The Avenue I live on is flooded right now, and my garden is like a quagmire at the moment!

I've decided to leave all of my garden furniture exactly where it is for now; I've picked it up about ten times already so I'm not being lazy, I'm saving energy! My energy!

My intention in reposting this article, (I posted it last year when we were experiencing Storm gareth), as always, is to introduce people to 'everyday magick'.

Magick doesn't ever have to be complicated, and there are so many ways that we can simply and easily incorporate a little magick into our daily lives.

So I wanted to re-share this post with you today.

Because not only does it demonstrate how easy it is to add a little magick to your day, but it also shows the simplicity of magick, and how to make use of something that occurs naturally around us.

Working with the elements is an important part of my personal practice.

We can use all of the elements in our magickal practice, so I thought that today, we could look at a form that the element of water comes in.


We certainly get a lot of it in the U.K! So we might as well make use of it, yes?

Whilst I have a zillion crystals, a multitude of different coloured candles, six tarot decks, and all kinds of other weird and wonderful bits of kit, deluges from the sky are free!

So let's talk about rain!

In particular rain water and its uses and magickal properties.

Rain doesn't have to be a bad thing!

Some people hate it.

Personally I love it!

I like people who are happy when it rains.

I love to see people on the street, smiling in the middle of a downpour.

I always buy the most colourful umbrella I can find, I love a bit of colour on what is often a grey day.

And you'll often hear me spouting these little sayings too:

  • No rain, no rainbows.

  • No rain, no flowers.

  • It's NOT a miserable day! It's just a wet day and,

  • there's no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothes!

Like I said, I just LOVE a rainy day! Can you tell??!

Rain water in Magick

There are plenty of us Witches who collect rain water to use in our rituals or spells, some Witches wash their faces with, or we can use it to cleanse our magickal tools and equipment with.

Personally I don't drink rain water or wash my face with it, but you can do that if you want to! Do it at your own risk though.....

Water is vital. No shit.

We need it to survive.

It helps things to grow.

It clears humidity.

It energises.

Rain water absorbs the energies around it.

(See more below, about daily energies).

Today I want to touch on some of the things that we can do with rain water.

I'm feeling like the rain water I've been collecting since the storm hit us yesterday, will be even more powerful for the reason that it has indeed, come from a storm!

Daily Correspondences and Rain Water

It’s quite interesting just to note here, that, if you collect your rain water on certain days - according to the daily energies - then it has different meanings and properties.

Every Day has Magickal Influences and correspondences

If you collected rain on a Monday you could use it in spells for intuition, psychic awareness, your home life and feminine matters. 

If you collected it on a Tuesday you could use it in spells that require action, drive, passion and resolving conflicts.

Wednesday you could incorporate it into spells that require anything communication, business or trade related, and for ideas based on learning.

On Thursdays, spells are usually centred around wealth/prosperity and employment/career matters;you could use the rain water in any spells relating to these subjects, and to any kind of abundance and generosity themes.

Friday rain can be used in love, beauty, friendship and healing spells.

Saturday rain can be used for cleansing and purifying the home and your sacred space, and also in spells relating to willpower and patience.

On Sunday, you can use rain magick in success spells, spirituality workings, and protection spells.

The rain you collect will also have different properties depending on the moon phase!

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Other Uses for Rain Water

Water cleanses, and purifies and feeds and nourishes the earth.

To cleanse a magickal tool, you could collect rainwater in a dish and then bring it inside and clean your magickal tools .

Or if it's safe and practical to do so, you could leave the magickal item outside in the rain for a little while.

You can you use rain water to cleanse your crystals (presuming that they're not soluble in water.)

You can water your plants with it.

You can mix it with oils for room sprays and cleansing sprays.

You can add rosemary to it and use it to clean your home with.

You can use rain water to clean the surfaces in your sacred space.

You can do a glamour spell or a beauty spell and use the rain water in the spell, or to wash your face with.

the uses for rain water are literally ENDLESS

Use your imagination!

To cleanse yourself if you want to - and if you're brave enough! - you could go outside into the rain today - or any day.

Dance in the Rain!

Dancing certainly raises your vibration! And raises energy too - which is vital for getting power into your spellworkings.

Hold your arms outstretched, turn your face to the skies, and imagine that the drops are blessings raining down on you, cleansing you and revitalising you.

Beware, it will probably be cold, it will be windy out there today too and obviously, you're gonna get soaked!

Wind - the element of Air - is great too

It certainly helps to blow the cobwebs away! But hat's another post for another day!

If you can dance in the rain, and do this just for a couple of minutes, and visualise yourself being cleansed, being revitalised, and/or being BLESSED: then I promise you, it's such a lovely, EXHILIRATING feeling!

And a fantastic, symbolic gesture to the Universe.

I always say it, the Universe LOVES symbolic gestures!

I’ll probably write a longer post about magickal uses for rain water at a later date.

With today's weather, I just wanted to make the most of it and share it with you!

I always welcome your comments and feedback, and I love to hear about your daily practices.

Please do comment and/or ask questions below!!

Can you think of any other things you could do with rain water to incorporate it into your daily practice?

With love and magic,


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