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Igniting the Flame: 10 Ways to Celebrate the Fiery Energy of Beltane

From flowers to fire! Are you ready to celebrate the spark of life and welcome yet another shift in energy? We’re at the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice as we observe Beltane.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

Beltane - or May Day - is typically celebrated on 1st/2nd May.

It’s one of my favourite fire festivals of the year! Spring is springing and it’s time to observe another turn of ‘The Wheel of the Year’.

For me, (and other Pagans, Witches etc), the year is split into eight parts that represent seasonal shifts. Some of us would call them the ‘sabbats’ and celebrate all of them but then some of us, (like myself), celebrate the ones that resonate with us the most.

Beltane is the opposing festival to Samhain (Hallowe’en, another of my favourite sabbats), and the period shares a similar liminal energy.

It falls about halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and is one of the ‘cross-quarter days’- which means it’s falling midway between two seasons.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

Don’t forget that we’re still in fertile, abundant Taurus season too!

The energy has been building since the Spring Equinox and we’re now firmly in, the waxing half of the year.

The Earth is continuing its tilt towards the Sun, and as the Sun’s strength increases, the days now become longer. Flowers, plants and trees are growing and blooming, and animals in the fields are giving birth.

Beltane is predominantly about celebrating life and the joys of being alive and so at this time, we acknowledge themes of fertility, growth, abundance, sexuality, happiness, creativity, sensuality, love, wishes, dreams, and protection.

Fire features prominently in Beltane celebrations, and in days gone by, across Europe, villagers would light balefires for Beltane and so today, festivities are still often held around bonfires.

This is a transformational time and you can acknowledge the energy by lighting a bonfire yourself, performing candle magic, or practising divination by gazing into the flame of a candle.

If you’d like to know more about Beltane, (or any of the other sabbats), you’ll find loads of information online.

Nature is flourishing at Beltane, the soil warms and the animals born at the Spring Equinox grow in strength. However, nature is not yet fully manifest - like our dreams and aspirations. Our plants still need to be nurtured, and the animals in the fields are still finding their feet. So, plans and goals we’ve made since the beginning of the year and at the Spring Equinox need to be supported and encouraged with consistent work.

The days of summer are stretching ahead of us - so let’s celebrate!

I've suggested some ways you can do this below.

10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#1 - Make Yourself Beautiful

Folklore tells of a tradition where the first dew on the grass on Beltane morning is collected and is said to grant us beauty.

You may not feel like doing that in your local park but it’s the perfect time for some self-care, indulging and caring for your physical body and, if you fancy it – doing a bit of glamour magic.

Taking care of your physical body is well-supported during Taurus season.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#2 - Embrace Flower Power!

Flowers are a key symbol of Beltane. Spend some time outdoors, go walking and look at flowers, take in their vibrant energy or enjoy the flowers in your garden.

Buy yourself flowers and place them in your home, on your altar or somewhere in your that you feel needs fresh energy.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#3 - Get Your Sexy On!

Exploring your sexual side can be a fun and sensual journey that allows you to connect more deeply with your desires and pleasures.

Beltane is the perfect time to get intimate with a partner. Let your curiosity guide you and see what unfolds.

Be open to new experiences and enjoy the sizzling hot energy of this special day!

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#4 - Practice Love Magic

Beltane is considered a special day for love magic because it’s a celebration of fertility, passion, and sensuality. We can harness energy that focuses on attracting love and strengthening relationships.

Associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the god of fertility, Pan, it’s an auspicious time to work with energies related to love and sexuality.

Tap into this potent energy and increase your chance of success in matters of the heart!

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#5 - Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

Traditionally, people would dance around a Maypole at Beltane. I’m assuming you don’t have one of those but just have a dance anyway!

Put on your favourite music and let loose! Beltane is a time of joy and celebration, so don't hold back.

Whether you're alone or with friends, dancing is a great way to raise your energy and connect with the spirit of the season.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#6 - Build a Bonfire

Get your friends or family together and light a bonfire to celebrate the return of the sun and the longer days.

You can use this time to release old patterns and set intentions for the coming season.

As the flames consume your worries and fears, conjure up a sense of renewal and vitality, ready to embrace all that Beltane has to offer.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

# 7 - Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Enjoy a Beltane feast. Prepare a delicious meal using fresh, seasonal ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Share this meal with loved ones and give thanks for the abundance of the season. Drink wine! This is a traditional drink and a delicious way to celebrate the season.

Don't forget to dance around the table with your loved ones - singing and laughing is sooo good for the soul!

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#8 - Make a flower crown

This is actually a great activity to do with the kids. Gather fresh flowers and make a beautiful flower crown to wear in celebration of the season.

Pick your favourite blooms and get creative with different colours and textures to make a unique and magical accessory for Beltane!

Wear it and celebrate your inner Goddess!

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#9 - Go on a Beltane picnic

Ok so weather permitting of course....

Pack a picnic basket with fresh fruits, cheeses, breads, and other seasonal foods. Find a beautiful spot in nature to enjoy your meal and soak up the energy of the season.

If it’s raining, create a cosy and comfortable space indoors with blankets, pillows, and soft lighting or candles.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#10 - Connect with Your Soul

Take some time to consciously connect with the energy of Beltane.

Practice divination. Create your own ritual or find one online to follow.

Set intentions and connect with the energy of growth, abundance, and love. Journal your thoughts and feelings about the season, your desires and goals for the coming months.


I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas to work with if you’re planning to observe Beltane.

  • What do you think of these ideas/suggestions?

  • Are you going to try any of them?

  • Or do you already know how you’re going to spend the day(s)?

I’d love to know! You can drop a comment by scrolling a little further down this page.

However you spend Monday/Tuesday, enjoy yourself!

Wishing you a bright and blessed Beltane!


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Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

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