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How to do a Full Moon Burning Ritual

Updated: Sep 29

The full moon is a powerful time for transformation and renewal. It provides us with an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, to make room for new experiences and opportunities......

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The Power of Full Moon Release Work: Clearing Out the Old and Embracing the New

The full moon is a time of release, surrender and renewal.

As the moon reaches its full peak in the lunar cycle, it illuminates the areas of our lives that need attention, and it provides us with the opportunity to clear out old patterns and habits that we need to let go of, they're only holding us back, right?

And so this is where full moon release work comes in - this is a practice that can help us tap into the energy of the full moon and maybe even transform our lives in some way.

Consciously surrendering and letting go of what no longer serves us creates space for new energy and experiences to come into our lives.

The powerful practise of releasing can include the release of negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

Even physical items that hold stagnant energy can be let go off - they're just taking up space.

A Full Moon release practice can be as simple as taking time to reflect on what you want to release and writing it down,. Or it can involve more elaborate rituals, such as conducting a burning ritual (see below).

One of the key benefits of full moon release work is that it allows us to clear out old patterns and beliefs that hold us back. When we hold onto negative thoughts and beliefs, they can block us from experiencing life to the full, and they prevent us from reaching our full potential. They keep us in fear.

Full moon release work can help us to let go of these limiting beliefs and make room for new opportunities and experiences.

By setting clear intentions for what we want to bring into our lives, we can harness the power of the full moon to help us manifest our desires.

Whether it's a new job, a new relationship, or simply a feeling of peace and happiness, the full moon provides us with the energy and focus we need to bring our desires into reality.

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It sounds like a cliche but, Full moon release work can also help us to start practising gratitude and appreciated what we already have.

Honestly, when we take time to reflect on what we are grateful for, we are able to see that there is abundance around us, and (even small) blessings in our lives. We just need to recognise this.

It's a Practice. And it Can Be Hard To Change Old Habits.

But there's something satisfying about a burning ritual (I'll get to the actual ritual soon, I promise).

Conducting a full moon release exercise is a powerful practice that can help us identify whatever it is that is holding us back from living the life we deserve.

By transforming this stagnant energy into new, clear intentions for what we want to bring into our lives, we can slowly work on our various areas of our lives each month, with a bit more awareness of the energy we're sending out.....

everything is energy: are the thoughts you're thinking and the words you're speaking supporting the reality you want to create for yourself?

Any kind of Full Moon Release exercise or ritual, however simple or elaborate you decide to make it, supports us massively when we're trying to make ourselves and our lives, happier, with good relationships, doing work we love, and having financial freedom.

That's what we all want, right? (And there's nothing wrong with that.)

One way to tap into the energy of the full moon for transformation is through a full moon release burning ritual.

A Full Moon Burning Ritual

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A full moon release burning ritual is a simple and effective way to symbolically release stagnant energy, self-limiting thoughts, and unsupportive beliefs that hold us back.

This simple ritual I'm outlining below involves writing down what we want to release, and then burning it in a safe and controlled manner as a symbol of letting it go.

It’s a HUGE symbolic gesture to the Universe that indicates We’re making space for all of the abundance and new experiences that life has to offer.

By letting go of what is taking up space in our lives, we make room for new experiences, and space for opportunities.

Ok....So Here's how to perform a full moon release burning ritual. You Can Do This At ANY Full Moon:

#1 - Gather your materials

You'll need:

  • a piece of paper and a pen to write down what you want to release

  • A lighter or matches

  • A fire-safe container to burn the paper in (such as a fire pit, a metal bucket or a fire-safe pan or pot)

  • A jug of water or small fire extinguisher (just in case)

  • anything you want to include to set the scene, incense, crystals, essential oils, candles (please be mindful of fire safety)

  • Some time to perform your ritual where you won't be disturbed - although it's absolutely fine if other people want to join you

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#2 - Then, Set your intention

This bit is pretty important:

  • Take some time to reflect on what you want to release

  • Set an intention for your full moon release burning ritual

  • Ask yourself.....what do I want the outcome of this ritual to be?

  • Visualise how you will feel, think, and experience life when you have let go of some of the things that are holding you back

  • Bring up all of the feelings that the 'stuff' you want to release invoke in you

  • Be honest here

#3 - Write it Alllll that sh#t down

On your piece of paper:

  • Write down everything you want to release

  • Be as specific as possible

  • No-one will see this, you can write anything you like

  • Write it any form you like, list form, letter to yourself etc

  • Write down any negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or experiences that you want to let go of

  • Write down any of the emotions that you might feel towards others: anger, resentfulness, jealousy etc

  • If necessary, include the names of people who you might want to distance yourself from

  • Keep writing until you feel you've got everything down on paper

burning paper with black background
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#4 - It's time to Burn Your Release Paper

  • Light a fire in your fire-safe container

  • Carefully, toss the paper into the flames

  • Let the paper burn

  • As you watch, visualise stagnant energy and unsupportive thoughts being released from your life and your consciousness

  • Imagine the fire cleansing the energy around you as the paper burns

  • Here, do whatever feels right to you, in support of your ritual; clap, chant, dance....or simply meditate on the flames

#5 - Release and let go

When the paper has burned completely:

  • Imagine you are releasing whatever you wrote down

  • breathe, and with each out breath, let anything left, go

  • TRUST that the lunar energy is supporting you

  • Imagine feeling lighter, with more clarity and purpose

  • Visualise your new way of thinking, being and acting

#6 - Celebrate and affirm

To close the ritual:

  • Take a moment to celebrate your release

  • Affirm what you want to bring into your life

  • You might like to meditate, journal, spend time in nature etc

  • Take a walk in the moonlight or spend sometime outside in the garden, or a park, under the Moon

By tapping into the energy of the full moon every month, you can transform your life and bring your desires to fruition.

A full moon release burning ritual is a simple yet powerful way to release what is holding you back, to make room for new experiences.

Symbolically, the light of the Full Moon is illuminating our lives, casting its beams into the shadowy corners to make us see that, maybe something needs addressing.

Maybe a cycle in our life has come to its natural end but we're holding on to it....

You can focus your Full Moon release work on whatever you like, it's YOUR ritual.

The Emotional release

Sometimes we can get emotional when practising work like this. Even if it's a simple ritual or exercise, working with energy can cause powerful shifts.

If you do get emotional, see it as another way of releasing and transmuting the energy into a higher vibration.

If however, this kind of work triggers you, or cause you too much upset, you don't have to do it.

Give this full moon release burning ritual a try, and see how you feel afterwards.

Let me know how it goes, I make sure to reply to every comment, message and email I receive.

You might like this ritual so much, you decide to include it in your life, or spiritual practice, every month.


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