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13 Easy Ways to Work with Taurus Season Energy

Updated: Apr 28

The Sun made its yearly ingress (move) into Taurus on 20th April, and with it comes another shift in the astrological energies that have influence over our lives. I absolutely LOVE Taurus season! The grass is growing, the flowers are blossoming, and abundance is evident all around us.

Also, the weather is getting noticeably warmer - what’s not to love?!

I’m a little late with this post but I do like to observe the solar transits so here we go….

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Symbolised by the Bull, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is a ‘fixed’ Earth sign.

After the fiery, go-getting energy of Aries season, the focus now in Taurus season is on grounding, stability, and material wealth. Tenacious and dependable Taurus feels a great need for security - financially and emotionally.

With the emphasis on this earthy energy, we are being invited to ‘come back down to earth’ and plant metaphorical seeds for our future.

It’s time to slow down a little, to work on building foundations, consolidate resources, and pursue a sense of security and stability in our lives.

Taurus brings a hard-working and industrious energy, so you better be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

One of the key traits of Taurus is their love of luxury and material comforts. Fine foods and wines, aesthetically-pleasing surroundings and opulence are just some of Taurus’ favourite things.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus.

In astrology, the planet Venus is associated with love, beauty, harmony, relationships, pleasure, and the arts and so Taurus is almost always seeking to create a beautiful and comfortable home environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Taurus is also very sensual, quietly seductive, romantic and affectionate, Taurus’ feelings run deep!

During this time, you may find yourself drawn to decorating your home, investing in high-quality goods, or indulging in your favourite foods and drinks. This is a time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to surround yourself with the things that make you happy and help you to feel secure.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

Known as the 'Farmer' of the zodiac, other Taurus traits include strength, steadfastness and determination.

This sign is known for its persistence, resilience, and ability to endure challenges with patience and grace.

During Taurus season, you may find that you have the strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Try to stay focused on your priorities and keep moving forward with confidence and determination.

There is a potential challenge that comes with the Sun in Taurus, and that is the tendency towards laziness, stubbornness and inflexibility.

Taurus enjoys a leisurely pace and can sometimes become too attached to their routines, habits, and beliefs, and this can lead to resistance to change and a reluctance to adapt to new situations. It's important to be aware of this tendency - don’t get stuck in a rut! However, if you need to tap into some single-minded energy, then this is the season for you! Taurus won’t ever be swayed or distracted from the task at hand.

Just remember to stay open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Remember that flexibility and adaptability are also important qualities for success and growth.

In addition to the Sun's movement into Taurus, Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus started on 21st April.

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Mercury retrograde is now a well-known astrological phenomenon that is often associated with technical glitches, miscommunications and delays and disruptions to travel plans. However, this particular planetary retrograde is also a powerful time for reflection, introspection, and reassessment.

During Mercury retrograde in Taurus, you may find yourself revisiting old issues, projects, or relationships that require your attention. Again, this is a time to slow down and take a closer look at your life, your goals, and your priorities.

It's time to review, revise, and refine your plans, and to make sure that you are on track to achieve what you want.

There are potential challenges during Mercury retrograde. Some astrologers would say that this is not a good time to sign contracts, make major purchases, or launch new projects. It's important to be patient and understanding with others at this time, as communication can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to double-check just WHO you’re sending that text or email to before you hit send!

In terms of how these energies can affect us spiritually and emotionally, the Sun in Taurus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus offer a powerful opportunity for introspection, reflection, and growth.

Taurus is a sign that is deeply connected to the physical world and the senses, and as such, this is a great time to practise mindfulness and presence in our daily lives.

It sounds like a cliché but, by focusing on the simple pleasures of life and by staying grounded in the present moment, we honestly can bring about a sense of inner peace and stability that can help us navigate any challenges that come our way. Make a conscious effort to connect with the natural world, to spend time in nature, and to appreciate the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can tap into the down-to-earth and centred energy of Taurus and cultivate a sense of stability, security, and abundance in your life.

Remember to stay grounded, remain open to new experiences, and be patient and persistent in your endeavours. With these qualities and practices, you can make the most of this powerful astrological energy and move forward with confidence and clarity.

Note: In my next post, I will cover Mercury retrograde in more detail and provide tips on how to navigate this sometimes erratic and frustrating energy!

13 Easy Ways to Work with the Energy of Taurus Season.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

So I want to share some very easy ways to experience the Taurus Sun energy. By incorporating some of these practices into your daily life, you will be fully embracing this solar season's practical and bountiful energy.

#1 - Ground yo'self!

Get outside! Connect with Nature: Plant flowers, vegetables and herbs, and take regular exercise in the great outdoors.

Plant your bare feet on the earth and consciously 'root' yourself into the ground. Turn your face to the Sun.

#2 - Cultivate beauty -

Taurus is also associated with beauty and aesthetics. Surround yourself with beautiful things such as art, music, and flowers. Create your own art or decorate your home.

Or simply wear your favourite lipstick or spray yourself with that expensive perfume that you save for 'special' occasions.

#3 - Practice Gratitude -

Taurus loves abundance and comfort, and practising gratitude can help you recognise and appreciate what you already have and feel more secure in your life.

Say thank you. Tell others you value them. Smile!

#4 - Get That Money! -

Set financial goals. Wealth and financial security are important to Taurus, and so making investments for the future are well-favoured right now.

Consider if or where you need to cut back. Don't be acquisitive - do you really need 'all of the things'?

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#5 - Enjoy sensual pleasures -

Taurus enjoys the pleasures of the senses, Take time to indulge in these and savour the experience. Anoint your body with luxurious oils or perfumes or invest in some silky sheets.

Spend some quality time with your partner. Or with yourself. Taurus can bring SUCH sexy energy!

#6 - Take a slow and steady approach -

Enduring Taurus is known for its slow and patient approach to life. Take your time and don't rush into things.

Commit to something; sign up for the long haul, and focus on the process, not just the outcome.

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#7 - Look after Your Body -

Embrace all that your body can do and look after it. Feed yourself nutritious foods. Make delicious smoothies and eat lots of earthy vegetables.

Take an exercise class or practice yoga. Go for a walk!

#8 - Prioritise self-care -

Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep and engaging in activities that bring you happiness and enjoyment.

Do the things that YOU want to do. Don't say yes if you want to say no!

#9 - Work on your relationships -

Taurus values loyalty and long-lasting relationships. Focus on building meaningful connections with others and investing in your existing relationships.

Arrange a date night with your partner or spend some time with friends or family.

#10 - Practice patience -

Taurus is renowned for being patient and persistent. Practice patience in your daily life, especially when things don't go according to plan.

Trust that everything will work out in the end with time and effort.

#11 - Be consistent -

Embrace the dedication and consistency that Taurus embodies and review your current goals.

Do you need to recommit to a course of action to get to where you want to be?

Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

#12 - Indulge yourself -

Treat yourself to something decadent, or do things to stimulate your senses such as taking a long leisurely bath with flowers and oils.

Eating your favourite foods, drink wine or your favourite brew, and listen to music.

#13 Spell work for Taurus Season -

If you’re a bit of a Witch (like me!) practice Spell work such as Earth and green magic.

Any spells relating to work, money, long-term projects, safety and security, and combating stubbornness, laziness, jealousy and greed are all supported at this time.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of Taurus Sun energy!

  • Are you a Taurus Sun (star) sign?

  • Do you recognise any of these traits?

  • And if you’re not a Taurean, how are you going to tap into the energy this month?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy Taurus season! Enjoy this month of beauty and abundance!


Image Credit - ©Cheryl Kerr -

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