Me, a Few Years Ago

I was two and a half stone over weight.


 I was bankrupt, and I'd just lost my job. So I was unemployed, penniless and surviving on benefits.


I'd just finished five years of treatment for breast cancer and endured numerous surgeries to reconstruct my body.

My relationship had recently ended, my self-confidence and self-esteem were in tatters.


I'd never been so unhappy in my life.

And I felt completely stuck.

This is me now.

I've shed the weight, started a successful business, learned to love myself again, found PEACE and - most days - I'm HAPPY!

At my lowest point, I really didn't want to be here, I didn't even see the point in my own existence, I was desperate for change.

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What Life Coaching Can Help With

Life Coaching in Liverpool.

Online Life Coaching.

I love helping people, I love sharing what I've learned.


Life Coaching can help with:


Self-esteem and self-confidence, work and success mindset, relationships, body image, health, money and prosperity, creating a spiritual lifestyle, self-healing, and self-love.

Breakdown to Breakthrough

I remember the day I decided that, things definitely needed to change .


I was sat at home, mindless daytime TV was playing in the background, I was chain smoking.

I remember noting that, I was making my fourth mug of coffee, and it wasn't even 10 am yet.


My daughter was at school, I hadn't been able to get out of bed that morning, I’d phoned my mum at 7am and she'd come and collected my daughter, and took her to school for me.


The rest of my family, friends and neighbours were out and about, I’d ignored all of their calls earlier, they were doing their thing, living their lives, like most people do, I was envious of them for being ‘normal’.


I didn’t feel great. I never felt great. My energy levels and my mood in general, had been lower than ever since finishing treatment for breast cancer. My body felt completely f*cked to be honest. I was in physical pain, depressed, and agoraphobic…...I didn’t think I’d ever feel normal again.


School hadn’t even ended for the summer holidays yet, but it was early July, and my daughter’s birthday was the following month.


I was already worrying, trying to figure out which bills not to pay, so that I could give her a good birthday, get through the school holidays, still buy the school uniform for September, and still eat in the meantime.


It was way past 11am before I noticed that my coffee had gone cold, and I'd smoked 4 cigarettes one after another, whilst staring at a tv that I wasn’t even seeing or hearing.


I don't know what it was, what prompted it, what happened, I don't know, but……


I got a vision of a woman. I saw a haggard woman, she looked like she was in her early 50’s.


She was overweight, bloated, unkempt, and unwashed.


She had hunched shoulders, she was surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke, and there were a pile of dirty dishes in the sink behind her.


There was dust on every surface, the blinds were still drawn and she hadn’t bothered to brush her hair in days by the looks of things.


She was looking worried and desperately unhappy, with tears streaming down her face.


It suddenly dawned on me.


I seemed to be outside of my own body, on the other side of the room.


I was looking at MYSELF.


I was in complete disbelief and shock. I recognised but didn’t recognise myself.


I was looking at myself, a SHADOW of my former self.


This wasn’t really me. Was it??


My own voice just came into my head, I said what I was thinking out loud:


“What the f*ck are you doing? What the f*ck is this?”


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and in that instant, I came back to my senses, I returned to the present with a sense of absolute clarity, everything became REAL, the air was electric.


I was gasping for breath, and I broke down in tears.


Was this what my life looked like?


Something DEFINITELY, needed to change.

I Needed to Heal My Life

And I knew I needed help to do it.

I'd always loved the work of metaphysical lecturer and author, Louise Hay.

It was her book, 'You Can Heal Your Life', that had started me on my spiritual path, many many years before all of this shit happened.


I decided to start with her work so that I could get back to the basics of loving myself.

Becoming Present Again

I restarted my meditation practice, something that I had neglected for a long time, so that I could experience more peace, help me to focus better, manage my stress and control my spiralling anxiety.

Unusual Tactics

I began working with the Moon again, phase by phase so that I could keep a check on my emotions.

I got to know my Natal Chart intimately, so that I could get to know myself, discover why I do things in the way that I do them, and so I could get more insight into my Life Purpose.

I practiced self-healing with Reiki and incorporated using crystals and candle magick into my practices, so that I could redirect and manipulate energy.

As a practicing astrologer and Eclectic Witch, I'd always worked with the energy of the Moon.


The Moon influences our emotions, our intuition, our sleep and dreams and our feminine issues.

I Completely Changed My Life

I Decided to Get Qualifications to teach what i'd learned

Life Coach

I qualified as a Life Coach and Law of Attraction Teacher.

I'd also been a mentor or trainer in all of my previous roles.

Heal Your Life®️

I became a Licensed teacher of the Heal Your Life philosophy by Louise Hay.

Louise's philosophy 

changed my life, twice.


I have 27 years experience of tarot Reading and practicing Astrology.

I'm also a practicing, Moon loving, Eclectic Witch.

Unique Life Coaching

My Life Coaching practice is based in Liverpool.

Online Life Coaching is available too.

There are hundreds of thousands of Tarot readers, practising astrologers, Spiritual life coaches, and there are over a thousand of us Licensed Heal Your Life teachers across the world too........

But I don’t know of any other coach, besides myself, who has combined all of these particular skills to help people to develop their self awareness, their emotional intelligence, and to help people to get to know themselves.

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What My Life Coaching Can Help With

Self-esteem and self-confidence, work and success mindset, relationships, body image, health, money and prosperity, creating a spiritual lifestyle, self-healing, and self-love.

You can come to my Life Coaching sessions in Liverpool.

And there is Online Life Coaching available too.

How We Experience Life

Every experience in life can be negative or positive, and that depends entirely on your own attitude towards the situation.

What I’ve discovered through my years of coaching is that, often, the negative messages that we give ourselves have come from other people.

When we are children, we learn about ourselves and about life from the adults around us, and their reactions to situations.

When we get older and we grow up, we have a tendency to recreate the environment that we experienced in our early lives.

In a nutshell, most of us have ideas about who we are, and those ideas aren’t even our own.

Life Coaching can help you to uncover these outdated ideas and beliefs.

Taking Responsibility

We can’t blame anyone for this; we are all victims of victims, and people cannot teach us things that they don’t know themselves.

It is my belief that the messages we receive from other people conflict with how we are naturally meant to be.

We are conditioned to think and react in certain ways.

How we are naturally meant to be, can be discovered by knowing ourselves.

We cannot change anyone else.

We can only admit to our own issues, problems and shortcomings and when we're aware of them, we can resolve to change them and do things differently.

We can only ever change ourselves.

Life Coaching helps you to make changes for the better.

Spiritual Life Coaching

From time to time in life, we all need some kind of support.


And sometimes that includes needing help while we're on 'the spiritual path'.

Life is always changing.


But we ourselves don't always want to change - because it's easier for us to stay in our patterns; even when we know those patterns are toxic and unhealthy.


Sometimes the ego gets in the way, and we don't even realise that we even have these patterns and behaviours.


So we end up doing the same things over and over again, never getting anywhere, always stuck, always feeling like we've 'been here before'.


We can feel like we're doing something new, something completely different;but in actual fact, we're doing the same things again. 

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Self-Awareness is Key

When you become aware of YOURSELF, your patterns, your behaviours, your issues, then you can begin to dissolve them.

Becoming self-aware helps you to accept yourself.

And the only way that you can move forward, is to accept yourself exactly as you are right now - and then change the things you want to change.

You are powerful!


So powerful. But you don't even realise how powerful you are.

YOU have the power to change your life right now.

But you need to KNOW YOURSELF to be able to do it, and you need to be willing to journey deep inside of yourself to confront your issues.

Is Life Coaching For You?

Wherever you are on 'your path', I'll meet you there, and together we'll put together a personal Life Coaching plan for you.

You can also book 'one off' Life Coaching sessions.


You can book 90 minute 'intensive' Life Coaching sessions where I will coach you in one particular area.


I mainly work in Liverpool as a Life Coach and you would come to me or I can meet you.


I also offer Online Life Coaching.

Most of your Life Coaching sessions with me will be conducted online.

So, my Life Coaching is for you if:


You want to really get to know yourself so that you can end years of struggle and FINALLY understand what drives you.

You want to stop skipping fad spiritual practices so that you can discover and stick to the perfect practice to suit YOU.

You want to feel more inspired and motivated so that your passion and enthusiasm come back, so you can really enjoy life again.

You want to stop repeating the same patterns so that you can finally LEARN from your past mistakes and move forwards.

You want to let go of the self-criticism and the negative emotions that are knocking your confidence so that you can drop the fear and go for your goals.

You want practical exercises and  techniques so that you always have a toolkit, full of ways to help yourself re-centre your energy and mindset, when needed.

You want to learn simple relaxation techniques so that you no longer struggle with staying connected to your own energy and happiness.

You are WILLING to make big changes so that you can create a better life for yourself.

You are willing to have an open mind so that you can embrace a more spiritual lifestyle.

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You Can Heal Your Life

My Spiritual Life Coaching will help you to uncover all of the negative messages you've been receiving from yourself and others for years.


When we’ve uncovered your negative attitudes and feelings we can then work on your willingness to change them.

Most of our Life Coaching sessions will be conducted online.


I will prescribe a personal toolkit and powerful experiential exercises that will help you to embrace change, and to release the old emotions that are holding you back.

We will look at where forgiveness of the self or others may be required.

Together we will structure a plan that will get you where you want to be and completely in touch with your spiritual self.


How I'll Coach and Support You

For Life Coaching in Liverpool, you can come to me, or I can arrange to meet you somewhere in the Locality.

Most of our Life Coaching sessions are conducted online, so you don't have to be in Liverpool to have coaching with me.

Even if you are in Liverpool and you're looking for a Life Coach but don't want face to face sessions, we can still 'meet' online.


I can incorporate all or just some of my skills into your Life coaching plan.


This is why we should speak on a Discovery Call before you sign up to any Life coaching agreement with me.

If you want to look at how the astrology of your birth chart influences you and your life, we can look at that.

If you want to work with the Tarot for guidance throughout your program, we can do that.

If you want to establish a Spiritual practice based around the cycles of the Moon, I can coach you through the phases as we work together.


If you want to bring more Magick into your life by working with daily correspondences, candle magick, and other Witch-like practices, I can help you with that.

If you want to concentrate solely on Louise Hay's, Heal Your Life®️ philosophy, incorporated with Life Coaching, then I will guide you through this transformational work.

If you want to effectively use the Law of Attraction, visualisation techniques, and/or learn how to meditate, we can weave that into your Life Coaching plan.


If you'd like to be attuned to Usui Reiki Levels, I, II and III, I can add that to your personalised Life Coaching plan.  

There are so many ways we can work together!

Life Coaching is not for Everyone

There’s no point signing up for my Spiritual Life Coaching program if you are not willing to change.


Changing will involve changing some of your thoughts and releasing some of your old beliefs. 


And it’s not always easy.


Change can be really difficult.


You will be encouraged by your new beliefs and discouraged when you slip back into your old behaviours and thinking patterns.


You will not get instant results from Life Coaching.


But you will get the quickest results if you are consistent with the tools and exercises that I provide you with.

What Life Coaching is NOT

Coaching is NOT counselling or therapy.


It is not me directing you and sorting your life out for you, I won't be monitoring you, or judging you or focusing on your 'bad' points.

It's not me telling you what's wrong with your life. 

YOU are the expert on your own life.

I work from a holistic perspective and I am here to guide and support. I will provide a safe space for you to share your experience as you uncover the answers to your questions and facilitate your own healing.

I can provide you with tools and techniques to help you to uncover your real self and your purpose.

But I can't do the work for you.

Exclusive Life Coaching

You can book single Life Coaching sessions.


Or you can sign up to a 90 day/3 month program.


After you have spoken to me on your 30 minute Discovery Call and signed up to a coaching agreement, you will receive:


1 x 90 minute session with me, via Skype

1 x weekly session with me, via Skype, every week for 11 weeks (3 months)

Access to me via email, text and phone.

Workbooks, Resources, and Experiential Exercises tailored to you.

I am a Life Coach based in Liverpool.

Your Life Coaching sessions are mainly conducted via video call online.

Here's How it Works

  • I'm based in Liverpool and I'm happy to meet with you at anytime, but most Life Coaching sessions are conducted online.

  • You can book one off/single Life Coaching sessions (see the Book Now page of this website), but if you sign up to my 90 day/3 month program, then this is what will happen:

  • I will create a completely unique, personally tailored to you, Life coaching plan, based upon our initial conversations.

  • You will receive personal, guided support from me to restructure your thoughts and thinking to create a better life for yourself

  • I will help you to discover a personal spiritual practice that is perfect for you and I will support you as you commit to it and help you to stay consistent

  • I will support you as you identify and release all of the negative emotions and behaviours that are holding you back in life

  • I will give you step by step guidance as you work through the experiential exercises that will help you with your spiritual growth  

  • I will give you access to me via email, text message and phone so that you can be sure I am always here to guide you through the transformation about to take place

  • If you want a face to face Life Coaching session, you can meet me in Liverpool.

  • Your Life Coaching sessions are mainly conducted online so you don't have to be in Liverpool to have Life Coaching with me.

What Does it Cost?

Some of the tools and techniques I use to help you to become conscious of, and connect to, your own energy are......

Life Coaching, Law of Attraction, the Heal Your Life philosophy, Astrology, Tarot, mirror work, visualisation exercises, meditation, and energy healing.

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