Online Spiritual Life Coaching/GUIDANCE Sessions

Spiritual Guidance and Direction, Becoming Conscious, Empowerment Coaching, and Self-Healing.

Everything You Need to Know About

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions with Me

There are no fancy names for my coaching sessions because every session or coaching program is completely and absolutely tailored to each individual.


What I do in a coaching sense for one person, may not be right for the next person.


You are absolutely unique.


We all are.

I use a Combination of Specialised Skills and utilise everything I've learned on my own life path, to provide a Unique and Highly Personal Coaching Experience.


Your childhood, adolescence, relationships with your parents, friends, intimate relationships.....your emotions, your financial situation.....


absolutely everything is covered in the Tarot.

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The Tarot and

Your Destiny

Whilst parts of our life path may very well be 'mapped out' for us, I truly believe that 'you are the author of your own destiny'.


By using the insight provided by the Tarot cards, you can carry on - or avoid - certain paths and situations, and steer your life in whichever direction you choose.

If you're having an online Tarot Reading, I choose the cards intuitively for you, after we have spoken for a few minutes via video call.

If you're having a face to face tarot reading, you choose the cards yourself.

The Tarot Cards are simply a tool to help me to connect to my spiritual guides and intuition.


If you have an online Tarot reading, you will still receive a reading that is as accurate as a Face to Face Tarot reading with me. 

You can find further information about both types of my Tarot Card readings further down this page.

Using Tarot Cards

For Guidance and Confirmation

When someone has a Tarot reading with me, I explain straight away that I see the cards as being psychological;they represent parts of our psyche.

They cover all aspects of life, from birth through to death.​

And they should be used for guidance.​

you shouldn't 'live your life' by the cards.

The cards are very good at showing you where you are presently, and they show where you are in a very clear fashion.


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