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Spiritual Guidance and Direction, Becoming Conscious, Empowerment Coaching, and Self-Healing.

Everything You Need to Know About

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions with Me

There are no fancy names for my coaching sessions because every session or coaching program is completely and absolutely tailored to each individual.


What I do in a coaching sense for one person, may not be right for the next person.


You are absolutely unique.


We all are.

I use a Combination of Specialised Skills and utilise everything I've learned on my own life path, to provide a Unique and Highly Personal Coaching Experience.

Your childhood, adolescence, relationships with your parents, friends, intimate relationships.....your emotions, your financial situation.....


absolutely everything is covered in the Tarot.

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The Tarot and

Your Destiny

Whilst parts of our life path may very well be 'mapped out' for us, I truly believe that 'you are the author of your own destiny'.


By using the insight provided by the Tarot cards, you can carry on - or avoid - certain paths and situations, and steer your life in whichever direction you choose.

If you're having an online Tarot Reading, I choose the cards intuitively for you, after we have spoken for a few minutes via video call.

If you're having a face to face tarot reading, you choose the cards yourself.

The Tarot Cards are simply a tool to help me to connect to my spiritual guides and intuition.


If you have an online Tarot reading, you will still receive a reading that is as accurate as a Face to Face Tarot reading with me. 

You can find further information about both types of my Tarot Card readings further down this page.

Using Tarot Cards

For Guidance and Confirmation

When someone has a Tarot reading with me, I explain straight away that I see the cards as being psychological;they represent parts of our psyche.

They cover all aspects of life, from birth through to death.​

And they should be used for guidance.​

you shouldn't 'live your life' by the cards.

The cards are very good at showing you where you are presently, and they show where you are in a very clear fashion.

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The Tarot point out everything that we already know.

I find that it's our reactions to the cards that matter most.

The cards can provide comfort, and confidence, they can show us where we might be going wrong.

They are rich in symbolism and stimulate our intuition, they help us to reframe situations.

The cards give us a clear sense of self. During a tarot Reading, it's like you're an outsider, looking in on your life.

What You Can Expect

During a Tarot Reading with Me

I have a dedicated Tarot Reading room at home in Liverpool, in which to read the cards.


Nonetheless, I am inviting you into my home and I do ask people to remove their shoes on entering!


I will look at your past and what has led you into your current situation.


I will look at what might be falling as a problem to you and might be stopping you from moving forward.


I will look at where you are right now, and what might be complementing or opposing the situation that you find yourself in.


I will then look further ahead and reveal what might happen when going forwards in your current state of awareness.

A tarot Reading with me lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer.

I manage my diary carefully as I don't like my clients (or myself) to feel rushed.

This is partly why I don't do Tarot readings for groups or parties, or attend many entertainment events.

I take my Tarot cards very seriously and respect them deeply.


If used correctly, Tarot cards can offer invaluable guidance and they can often inform us of events, situations or happenings yet to come.

Keep reading for more information about my face to face and online tarot readings.


Online Readings via Video Call

My Online Tarot Readings are PERFECT for those moments when guidance or support is needed but you can't get out to see me.

I do a lot of my Tarot Readings online these days, it allows me to work from anywhere, it's convenient for both myself and my clients. 


When you book an online Tarot Reading, my booking system will ask you to confirm which video platform I can contact you on.

I use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp video, and Skype.

I will send you a text message 30 minutes before our session, to confirm that I will be calling you via video at our appointment time.

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  • Live Video Call Tarot Reading

    45 min

    35 British pounds

I ask that you please sit in a well lit room or facing a window. 

I encourage you to take notes during the reading too, as I can't answer further questions when the reading is over.


 When I call you via the video platform, I will chat to you for a few minutes whilst I'm shuffling the cards and while I tell you what will happen during the reading.

I choose 10 cards for you intuitively whilst we are talking, and then another 6 as we go through the reading.

Your online Tarot Reading will last for around one hour.

At the end of the reading, I always go over the cards one more time for you, so that you can add any notes that you might have missed.


Face to Face, Private Readings

For a Face to Face Tarot Reading, you come out to my home in the L14 area of Liverpool.

I have a beautiful space in my home in Liverpool, it's where I work from on a daily basis and where I do all of m Face to Face Tarot Readings.

I don't come out to you.

You will be with me for about an hour.

I'll explain fully what will happen during the reading as we are chatting.

After you have shuffled the cards, I will spread them out and ask you to choose 10.

As we go through the reading, I will ask you to choose another 6.

I provide pen and paper for you to take notes during the reading.


Asking Questions with the Cards

I always say that your shouldn't ask the cards 'Yes or No' questions.

As outlined above, the cards should be used for guidance.

You can ask things like:

What do I need to know about.......?

What do I need to change in order to.......?

What is the potential for.......?

What do I need to do to achieve.......?

What is in my way and how can I overcome this.......?

What NOT to ask the Tarot:

When will I get married?

When will I meet my soulmate?

Will my lover leave his/her partner?

What does my ex think of me?

Will I win the lottery/court case etc?

If you think you have a relevant question that the cards can provide guidance on, then by all means, book a session and I will pull some cards for you.

I cannot guarantee that you will get the answer that you want, or even one that you feel is completely relevant to your situation!

But there is usually always a message of sorts in the cards.

A bit more 

Info about My Tarot Readings

I've been reading primarily with the Mythic Tarot deck for about 15 years now, they're my favourite deck out of the six Tarot Decks that I currently own.

I read with three of my decks during your Face to face or online Tarot Reading.

The other two decks I read with during your tarot Reading are,   The legacy of the Divine Tarot, and the Gilded Tarot Royale decks.

When we start your Tarot reading, first I will speak to you for a few minutes whilst I connect with my guides and the cards, and then I will intuitively choose 10 cards for you.

My Tarot readings are in-depth, All of my readings incorporate 16 cards from the Tarot decks, and as we go through the reading and I interpret the cards for you, I will intuitively choose a further 6 cards from the remaining two decks.

I encourage you to take notes during the reading as I cannot answer any further questions for you after the event.

You may have a specific question when you consult the Tarot, but it's important to note that the tarot should ALWAYS be used for guidance, because like I said - 

You Are the Author of Your Own Destiny.

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  • Live Video Call Tarot Reading

    45 min

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