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Cheryl Kerr Life Coach is your down-to-earth guide to soulful success.

Forget the stereotypes - Cheryl is all about practical tools and real results....

My journey to becoming your guide wasn't exactly linear, but it was filled with powerful lessons and a deep connection to my intuition.

Unlikely Paths, Enduring Passions.

The course of my career has been unpredictable, from working for the Government, then into sales, then the world of entrepreneurship, only to find myself boomeranging back to those familiar career paths like a productivity app with commitment issues. But through the resume whiplash, one constant has remained: my intuition and a deep connection to my inner voice (crystals optional). This unconventional route might raise eyebrows, but it has never been boring!

But these experiences taught me the importance of listening to your intuition, a skill I now help my clients cultivate to navigate their own lives and career paths.

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My own story is one of transformation….

For over three decades I've been reading tarot cards and empowering women to ditch the ‘victim mentality’ and embrace their intuition and self-belief. Witnessing countless transformations has been my passion and privilege, and has fueled my mission for helping women go from ‘same old, same old’, to "holy sh!t, I can do anything!"

Today, I still have my crystal ball, and I guide women to become co-creators of their destiny, unlocking their potential and creating lasting change. (The odd crystal is still welcome, though!)

From Deck to Destiny.

Witnessing countless transformations has been the most rewarding part of my journey. Seeing women break free from self-doubt, embrace their intuition, and achieve goals they once thought impossible – that's what truly fuels my passion.

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Party Heels to Higher Ground.

2001 marked a turning point. My life at the time was WILD. So let's just say trading in my party heels for grounding rituals wasn't exactly what my 20-year-old self envisioned, but growth can happen unexpectedly! Discovering Reiki ignited a passion for exploring different healing modalities. Crystal certifications, other healing techniques, and a lifelong fascination with astrology - it was all about unlocking the mysteries within.

Then, a book recommendation changed everything. ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay landed in my hands just as my civil service job was feeling stale, and the Liverpool party scene wasn't doing it for me anymore. The stars aligned and little did I know, this exploration of self-healing would lead me down a path of not just transforming myself, but others too.

Swiped Right on Self-Help (and My Life Changed).

I was always open to spirituality; but some of these crazy rituals I was being introduced to seemed weird, they were not for me.

But Louise Hay's book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ changed everything. The powerful message resonated deeply.

I LOVED the simple philosophy, I embraced the exercises, and affirmations became my new mantra.

The results? Honestly. Life-changing.

Feeling transformed and inspired, I ditched the ‘employee’ life, moved to beautiful South Wales, and built a business that thrived for many years.

The Universe Threw Me a Curveball (But I Learned to Swing).

Life, however, took an unexpected turn when I lost my business, filed for bankruptcy, watched my home and property portfolio vanish, and my relationship ended.


Let's just say, I wasn't exactly slaying.


Then, in 2011, a breast cancer diagnosis piled on the pressure. A complicated journey with multiple surgeries led to a cascade of other debilitating health issues, including struggles with my mental health. Depression and exhaustion became my unwelcome besties.


The breast cancer treatment and health issues impacted my ability to work, forcing me to leave my job. 


Everything I had built felt like it was crumbling around me, and I couldn't see a way out.

The Book That Saved Me (Twice).

Then, Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" philosophy reappeared, a welcome light in this dark time., and now, it felt like a divine nudge to revisit its simple wisdom.

This time, the impact was even stronger. I did the exercises and affirmations religiously, reigniting a spark of hope and a will to change how I responded to what was happening to me.

And then I felt a call to spread the word to help other women rise above their challenges.

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Living Proof: Transformation is Possible.

Facilitating workshops, speaking at events, and offering personalised coaching sessions has been beyond rewarding. Seeing my clients blossom – from conquering self-doubt to achieving career goals –  reinforced my passion for this work. Many clients still reach out years later to share their continued success stories, a testament to the lasting impact of our work together.

But the most significant transformation of all?

My Own Life!

Today, I'm an international, professional tarot reader with countless new and returning customers. 


Building a thriving business required learning new skills like website building, marketing, and SEO - a testament to the power of perseverance! 


Beyond work, I've cultivated a happy and simple life. My daughter is thriving, and my amazing partner is incredibly supportive.

Yes, I've been through adversity, but I'm living proof that life isn't over.


We can always start again, stronger and more empowered than before


And So, Intuition Whispered: ‘It’s Time’.

From boardrooms to breakdowns, yet through it all, my intuition guided me onto a powerful path of overcoming adversity and learning self-love and acceptance. Now, I'm here to be your wingwoman on the path to a life you love. 


Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and unlock your full potential?

Transform Your Life Like I Did:
Learn More About Coaching.

I've created a powerful coaching program based on the tools and techniques that helped me overcome challenges and achieve success. If you're ready to embark on your own transformation, visit my coaching page to learn more.

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Cheryl Kerr

Motivational Speaker and Women's Coach

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