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Empowering Women.

Motivational Speaker & Coach, Cheryl Kerr.

Align & Attract: Empower Your Soul, Manifest Your Dreams.

Where Strength Meets Spirit:
Spiritual Coaching and Speaking for Women.

Are you a PR or Marketing professional, events organiser, podcast host, or organisation looking for a captivating speaker for your next event?


Perhaps you're a women's influencer seeking a guest who can empower your audience?


Cheryl Kerr is a charismatic speaker and life coach with a remarkable story.


For over three decades, she has developed her intuition through tarot readings, delved into the wisdom of astrology, and explored various healing modalities and self-help strategies.

About Cheryl Kerr.

Life's challenges, including loss through tragic circumstances, bankruptcy, overcoming breast cancer, and ongoing health issues, were the ultimate tests, forging a deep well of resilience and a passion within, to empower others. I became a certified Heal Your Life® Teacher and a spiritual Life Coach, facilitating workshops across Liverpool, guiding other women to love themselves, tap into their intuition, and create the lives they want.

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Unlikely Paths, Enduring Passions

My life hasn't been a conventional one. From the security of a career in government, to the world of sales, then a business owner, and pivoting right back around the same careers again, I've always embraced diverse experiences. But through it all, one constant has guided me – a powerful intuition, and a deep connection to the my own spirituality and truth.

For three decades, I've empowered thousands of women to develop their intuition and self-belief through the insights from the tarot. Witnessing countless journeys fuels my passion for empowering women to create extraordinary transformation in their lives.

Today, I guide women to become co-creators of their destiny, unlocking their potential and creating lasting change.

From Deck to Destiny.

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Party Heels to Higher Ground.

2001 marked a turning point for me when I discovered Reiki. I went on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, and I kept exploring other ways to heal and understand myself. Crystal healing certifications, other healing modalities, and a lifelong fascination with astrology - it was all about unlocking the mysteries within.


Then, a book recommendation changed everything. It was "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, a well-known metaphysical lecturer in the spiritual world. Around the same time, my civil service job was feeling stale, and the party scene in Liverpool wasn't doing it for me anymore. I knew it was time for a change.

I read the book, then read it again, doing all of the ‘self-help’ exercises and affirmations. The philosophy was so simple, so easy to implement into my life. ‘Doing the work’ empowered and inspired me to change careers and move to South Wales, where I then ran a very successful business for many years.

Redefining Life After Loss

Life, however, took an unexpected turn with the loss of my business, bankruptcy, losing my home and properties and then, in 2011, a breast cancer diagnosis.


A complicated journey with multiple surgeries, led to a cascade of other debilitating health issues, including struggles with my mental health, I was depressed and exhausted. 


The breast cancer treatment and health issues impacted my ability to work and I was forced to leave my job.


I questioned everything I had been through and couldn't see a way out.

The Book That Saved Me (Twice)

Then, Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" philosophy reappeared, a welcome light in this dark time., and now, it felt like a divine nudge to revisit its simple wisdom.

This time, the impact was even stronger. I did the exercises and affirmations religiously, reigniting a spark of hope and a will to change how I responded to what was happening to me.

And then I felt a call to spread the word to help other women rise above their challenges.

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Empowering Women, One Workshop at a Time

'Going all in' with the Heal Your Life philosophy, I started on another transformative journey. In 2016 I became a licensed teacher of Louise’s work. 

I also became a certified Life Coach and Law of Attraction Teacher, and I was ready to empower other women on their paths to self-discovery and resilience.


I facilitated workshops, I started speaking at events, and I offered personalised coaching sessions for women who also wanted change.


I loved witnessing the incredible transformations my clients experienced, I still get messages from them to this day.

The Call to Speak

Now, once again, I feel a powerful pull to share my story and my unique blend of intuition and coaching, on a wider stage, to inspire other women.

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Ready to Collaborate?

If you are a PR or Marketing professional looking for a captivating speaker for your next event, or you're an influencer or podcast host seeking a guest who can empower your audience….

I'm excited to connect and discuss how I can bring my transformative message to your platform.

Are you ready to take your audience on an emotional yet empowering journey that encourages them to break free and embrace their potential?

Let's unlock self-love and future success, together!

Why Invite Me to Speak?

  • Unique Perspective: My diverse background and personal struggles allow me to connect with audiences on a deep level, with humour and real-talk.

  • Intuitive Expertise: My 32 years of experience with tarot readings, intuition, and knowledge of astrology, self-love, and the Law of Attraction provide a unique lens to navigate life's challenges and opportunities.

  • Empowering Women: Drawing on the power and teachings of the Heal Your Life philosophy and the Law of Attraction, I inspire and empower women to cultivate self-love, a gratitude mindset, to embrace their intuition, and to ultimately create the lives they desire.

  • Engaging Speaker: I bring humour, passion and enthusiasm to my presentations, leaving audiences feeling uplifted and inspired to change their mindset in simple, achievable ways.

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Cheryl Kerr

Motivational Speaker and Women's Coach

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