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Read what some of my clients have to say about my coaching, my workshops and events, and my Tarot Readings

Made me feel at ease

Jen Hughes, Liverpool

Amazin! Spot on with everything, made me feel at ease would definitely recommend her!! Best reading I have ever had thank you Cheryl xxxx

Best Reading I've Ever Had!

Kim Doyal, California

The reading Cheryl did for me was the best reading I've ever had! I've done a few different tarot readings with people and while they were good experiences, they were nothing like the reading I had with Cheryl. The reading was completely in alignment with what's been going on in my life and what I'm planning for 2018. Cheryl's explanation of the cards and the meaning of each was brilliant! I'm super excited about the upcoming year! I'll be coming back to Cheryl for another reading!

If You Love Magic.....

Suki Anne O'Brien, Malta

If you love magic, follow Cheryl Kerr, she has a beautiful website and Facebook page.

The Universe Has My Back

Alison Stockton, Dubai

Thank you for today gorgeous lady. The universe really does have my back!

Amazing and so passionate

Sian Calderwood, Torquay

I had a tarot reading from Cheryl a few weeks ago, she's amazing and so passionate about what she does. my reading was really accurate and I could of listened to Cheryl for hours. she's so genuine and I would highly recommend a reading from her if your looking for some guidance that your on the right path.

Unbelievable clarity

Kelly Parker, Liverpool

I just had a reading from Cheryl & the clarity it has given me is unbelievable. I feel I can now hopefully work towards getting the answers I need to things that have been holding me back. Great reading & I will be coming back again in the future. Loved it.

Absolutley spot on

Julie Holland, Liverpool

This was my first ever Tarot reading and it was absolutely spot on. Cheryl is friendly and warm, I would highly recommend her. 

She's excellent

Vicky King, Liverpool

Just had a reading from Cheryl, She's excellent a lot of what she told me is very relevant to me. Would deffo recommend her and will go back when I need another reading.

Such clarity and guidance

Sophia McDonald, Liverpool

I've just come back from my first reading with Cheryl and she has given me such clarity on what's going on in my life and the guidance to go forward positively. Cheryl tells it like it is but with compassion and humour and provides such a harmonious and tranquil setting for her face to face readings. I will definitely be going back again in the future and have found another brilliant lightworker to follow and find inspiration from...! Such an enlightened and warm soul, could not recommend more! Thanks again Cheryl 

Accurate on Everything

Shelley Roe, Liverpool

Just spent the morning with Cheryl , went for a reading with my friend as a gift for her birthday ... Cheryl was amazing, welcoming & a beautiful soul ... she was accurate on everything and we left feeling incredible & positive.
Would highly recommend to anyone! 
Thank you so much xxx

Spot On with Everything

Marie Leighton, Leeds

Had an amazing reading this morning so spot on with everything, which raised my vibes for the rest of the day.

An Inspiration

Michelle Glascott, Liverpool

Cheryl Kerr thank you so much for yesterdays Heal Your Life® event, it was amazing ....couldn't believe I drove there by myself after the week/weeks I'd had with my pain & I was tired from life & night shifts blah blah .... Could have made so many excuses to not come & am so glad I did, you are such an inspiration and I felt like a different person coming out of that lovely old theatre ..... THANK YOU xx

Loads Has Come True!

Karen Hope, Liverpool

Had a reading back in Oct 2017 and since then loads has come true from reading!!! I also went on the Law of Attraction workshop and was amazed. Thanks again xx

Wow, Just Wow!

Cath Lee, Liverpool

I went to see Cheryl this evening and wow, just wow! I loved everything she told me about my cards. Every single thing had a connection to what is going on in my life and my future plans. I'm really looking forward to what 2018 has in store for me. Thank you so much for my reading & the amazing energy I left with.

Feeling in Charge of My Life

Imogen Townley, Liverpool

I reached out to Cheryl when I felt my life had gotten a bit off track & as much as I tried I couldn't quiet get myself into a positive mindset. She got back to me straight away & offered me to come on for a one to one life coaching session. After a few tears at the beginning it wasn't long until she had me seeing things in a different perspective. Even being around all her positive energy in her calming & peaceful environment instantly made me feel like there was hope. Cheryl is an amazing woman & it's so clear she genuinely cares about the people she helps. We sat & went through daily routine exercises for me to do when I left, from writing affirmations & my gratitudes to the universe even down to speaking to the universe in the right tense. She just gave me that little nudge back onto the right track on how to communicate & express my thoughts & feelings to the universe in a positive way. But also that it's okay not to be okay every single day but to just channel the right energy you want to give off even when you feel a bit doom and gloom. I came away from my session feeling hopeful & most importantly 'in charge' of my life & what I want to reap from it. And it doesn't just end when you walk out the door, Cheryl regularly checks in with me at home to make sure I'm doing my exercises & to see how I'm getting on. A truly caring woman, who loves what she does & loves to see people succeed & be happy in life. So THANK YOU Cheryl! And I look forward to visiting one of her workshops soon #AskBelieveReceive

I'm On the Right Path

Makayla, Liverpool

Had a great reading today from Cheryl, she really has helped me so much with the readings of my cards. 2 years ago my reading wasn't so joyful but it made so much sense as the mental state I was in was not good. So much has changed since my last reading I'm so much in control of things and this showed today in my reading I truly know I'm on the right path. Great reading today thanks so much xxx

Insightful and Profoundly Helpful

Sarah Milton, Liverpool

Cheryl's 'Heal Your Life' workshop, based on the work of best selling author and lecturer the late Louise Hay, was very insightful and profoundly helpful, providing useful tools to take away and use to apply what you have learnt in day to day life. Cheryl's workshops are not only for those wanting to turn their lives around or make a significant shift in their life but also for people who, like me, find themselves feeling like life is falling into place and wish to keep the momentum going, strengthening the fabulousness that already exists! There is so much on offer here for everyone, no matter which stage you are at on your life journey.

Just what I needed

Lorryn Stewart, Liverpool

Had a lovely reading from Cheryl, was just what I needed. Thank you for my affirmation card

Cheryl is Amazing

Emma Fox, Liverpool

Cheryl is amazing at what she does, I have been to her meditation group, she has given me life coaching and she has read tarot cards for me. She is always very accurate, shows enthusiasm in what she does and thoroughly goes over the reading in depth. Highly recommended! Cheryl's teaching, statuses and posts help me every day and keep grounded on my spiritual path!! Thanks cheryl! Xx

Her Vibe is Inspirational

Julie Awang, Liverpool

I had the most amazing Reiki treatment from Cheryl Kerr.

Her vibe is inspirational...I just love it!! Her treatment room - which is full of love and light - is so relaxing and welcoming...what can I say...I sailed out of there on a cloud of light!!

I recommend a treatment to everyone!!!

Love the ebook!

Laura Baker, Liverpool

Just finished Cheryl's ebook and loved it , simplified and easy ways on how to work with everything that interests me such as daily energies , the moon and it's phases, candles & crystals and much more, really enjoyed it and look forward to more ebooks in the future xxx

Mind Blowing

Patricia Lawless, Liverpool

Just got in bed, after such a beautiful day with lovely people. I just want to say a massive thank you to Cheryl Kerr for such a mind blowing workshop today at Woolton Cinema, Liverpool. It really was amazing and I met some lovely like minded people. Was so nice to be in the same room as so many positive people. I'm so looking forward to more of your Louise Hay, Heal Your Life® workshops that are coming up.

Cheryl, keep doing what you're doing xxxxxxx

Direction and Motivation

Louise Dutton, Liverpool

I had the pleasure of going to this lady for a life coaching event, she opened up her home for us and we were welcomed and treated amazingly well. I learnt so much about myself, what I wanted and how I could change things in my life for the better.

I took on board her wise words and began to change my life, I can only say I feel a 100 times better for this. I have direction and motivation to succeed in my life and I can't thank her enough for this day. If u do one thing with ur life go and see her attend one of her events like me it could just change ur direction and give u the motivation and tools u need to succeed.

On Point

Crissy Lopez, Liverpool

Fab reading today Cheryl, so on point.


Ces McLean, Wirral

Love love love kind hearted goddess thank you for your time and help!

Life Changing!

Trish Boston, Liverpool

Cheryl's workshops are life changing! How do I know? Because I went to one and I live by her teachings and support!

My life has changed SO MUCH! And now, not only did I meet an inspirational life coach but a life long friend!

A Wonderful Reading

Jamie McGaghey, Liverpool

Had a wonderful reading from Cheryl last week and everything is coming to be at such a fast rate. Really grateful for your support and reassurance ❤️. Highly recommended. X

A Most Wonderful Person

Richard James Madigan, Liverpool

A most wonderful person who knows her stuff and is a great reader of people it was a very uplifting experience and I gained exactly what I was needing from the Tarot Reading. Thank you Cheryl xx

A Beautiful Heart

Cameron Wheelan, Liverpool

Absolutely inspirational, such a beautiful heart too. Cant wait for our next workshop! 

Truly Inspirational

Kerry Linell, Liverpool

Fabulous meditation session with Cheryl, truly inspirational and very enjoyable. Love your ebook too I have learnt so much from you and I use what I have learnt everyday thank you 💗🌈💗😘

Honest, Authentic, Inspirational

Deb Connor, St Helens

Do you want an honest authentic and truly inspirational coach? Look no further than Cheryl Kerr and 'Spirit Squad'.

Her online and group sessions have a wonderful community and supportive feel. Highly recommended.

Spot On!

Jacqueline Murphy, Liverpool

Thank you for the reading today ..it made a lot of sense and you was literally spot on right away ! You know your stuff and i loved the little ambiance setting in your room! Will keep in mind all what you told me . Thank you Cheryl xx

Definitely Recommended

Kara Purcell, Liverpool

Thank you so much feeling positive after my reading definitely recommend you to everyone

Would go back!

Ronald Downey, Liverpool

Had a reading with Cheryl few days ago found it very good some interesting information lookin forward to see wot happen wud go back to her again 4 a longer reading

Highly Recommended!

Jamie McGaghey, Liverpool

Had a wonderful reading from Cheryl last week and everything is coming to be at such a fast rate. Really grateful for your support and reassurance ❤️. Highly recommended. X

Inspirational and Authentic

Suzanne Morgan, Liverpool

Very inspirational and authentic in her views and approach to life x

Very Positive!

Emma Pollard, Liverpool

Loved my reading today from cheryl, it was very accurate, from my past to my future. I could relate to everything cheryl was saying, and she went over reading in depth to give me understanding. Left Cheryl's today very happy and very positive! Thanks x x

Very Informative

Paul Hunter, Liverpool

Really good reading tonight, made a lot of sense and was very informative. Thanks

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