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keep reading to learn more about why I think everyone should know about their personal natal chart!

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I've been studying Astrology for years.

I am literally OBSESSED with the subject, and I really do believe that we should ALL, KNOW our own birth chart inside out.

Your Place in the Cosmos

Your astrological birth chart is a map of the universe, as it was at the moment you were born.

It shows your place in the Cosmos and your souls journey through this life time.

It shows the position of the planets and the stars at the exact moment that you were incarnated into this world.

Looking at the celestial placements in your birth chart gives a wealth of information about yourself and your personality.

Learning your personal astrology gives you personal wisdom, and helps you to find a way to be your real self.

Your natal chart gives insight into specific areas of your life.

Your personal astrology highlights your strengths and weaknesses, your talents, your personality traits, and your needs and desires.

It can reveal your life’s highest purpose.

Self-Awareness is Key

Your natal chart shows how you love and relate to others, how you learn, how you communicate; all aspects of life are covered in your natal chart and - in my opinion - knowing your personal astrology is absolutely fundamental to fully knowing the self.

When I learnt how to read my own natal chart and had readings from professional astrologers, the insight provided was an absolute game changer for me.

The information literally changed and transformed my life.

It gave me a sense of acceptance about myself, it was so enlightening, and it gave me so much understanding about myself.

Everything just clicked into place.

Everything I had ever struggled with, internally and externally, became easier to deal with.

Fortune Telling Cards

 When we know ourselves, really know ourselves, then we get the opportunity to change.

Your Natal Chart reveals so much about'd be surprised by what it can reveal.

Astrology Map

There’s nothing you can do about the positions of the stars and planets at the moment you were born.

Your natal chart is your natal chart and will always remain the same.

What you can do however, is learn how the different aspects affect you, and learn how to work with them in a positive way.

Taking a deep look at your natal chart and how it relates to you forms the basis of lasting changes - should you want to make them.

By looking at your chart, an astrologer can uncover your basic beliefs, and the negative messages that are holding you back.

As you journey around your chart, you will touch on every area of your life.

This will highlight the areas where you may have felt confused about life, things will start to make sense to you, your chart can explain so much.

How We Experience Life

Every experience in life can be negative or positive, and that depends entirely on your own attitude towards the situation.

What I’ve discovered through my years of coaching is that, often, the negative messages that we give ourselves have come from other people.

When we are children, we learn about ourselves and about life from the adults around us, and their reactions to situations.

When we get older and we grow up, we have a tendency to recreate the environment that we experienced in our early lives.

In a nutshell, most of us have ideas about who we are, and those ideas aren’t even our own.

And looking at our Astrology, helps us to see who we REALLY are.

Taking Responsibility

We can’t blame anyone for this; we are all victims of victims, and people cannot teach us things that they don’t know themselves.

And we can’t blame our bad attitudes and behaviour on the placement of the planets either!

It is my belief that the messages we receive from other people conflict with how we are naturally meant to be.

We are conditioned to think and react in certain ways.

How we are naturally meant to be, can be discovered by knowing our astrological birth chart.

As I said, we cannot change our personal astrology and it is true that some charts are ‘easier’ than others.

But having insight from our birth chart can help us to focus on our positive potential.

When my Tarot clients visit or when I'm doing an online Tarot reading, I always direct them to this page of my website so they can cast a free natal report and discover certain aspects of their own personal astrology.

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Enjoy your free chart!