All about why I think everyone should know about their personal natal chart!
I've been studying Astrology for years.
I am literally OBSESSED with the subject, and I really do believe that we should ALL, KNOW our own birth chart inside out.

Your Place in the Cosmos

Your astrological birth chart is a map of the universe, as it was at the moment you were born.

It shows your place in the Cosmos and your souls journey through this life time.

It shows the position of the planets and the stars at the exact moment that you were incarnated into this world.

Looking at the celestial placements in your birth chart gives a wealth of information about yourself and your personality.

Learning your personal astrology gives you personal wisdom, and helps you to find a way to be your real self.

Your natal chart gives insight into specific areas of your life.

Your personal astrology highlights your strengths and weaknesses, your talents, your personality traits, and your needs and desires.

It can reveal your life’s highest purpose.

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